Some weeks ago a Bailiff witnessed a lure angler on Oxon Pool cast over basking Carp. Foul hooked and landed the angler was very keen for a photo opportunity and asked the Bailiff to take the photo, obviously this was refused. Further discussions took place and the matter reported to committee, following correct procedure.

Initial reaction of committee was to ban lure fishing on pools with immediate effect, allowing time for the matter to be considered fully from many aspects and points of view. The outcome of this review is that the matter was surely a “one off” and Oxon has a very strong following both in lure and carp fishing. Based upon this constant support for the pool the ban has been lifted as from 1st May 2017. It goes without saying to all lure anglers, fish with the above in mind please stay away from basking / spawning carp areas.

Also Alfie Stevens who has worked Oxon with Neil Jackson as Bailiffs to the pool has retired, due to a change in work profile and availed time ability. We thank him for his time and effort spent with SAF as Bailiff and hope he enjoys continued sport on Oxon as a leisure angler. Gary Dodd Assistant Head Bailiff will up his game on the pool working closely with Neil Jackson, to ensure no lack of cover.