Shropshire Anglers’ Federation was formed in 1921 and has the angling rights to many stretches of water within Shrewsbury. We are committed to protecting the local angling amenity for the local angling community.

Our waters encompass many miles of the River Severn, the Rea Brook and several still waters around the local area.

The River Severn is widely regarded as one of the best rivers in Britain for Barbel, but also contains most other species. Specimen sized Chub, Perch and Pike have all been caught in recent years as well as a seasonal influx of Salmon the ‘Silver Tourist’. Trout and Grayling are found in the Rea Brook and the still waters contain the normal species and good sized Carp.

A cost effective annual permit is open to all comers and we also issue good value day tickets for most of our waters.

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