Fishery Rules – Coarse Fishing 

  1. Anglers must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Licence before they can purchase an annual or day fishing permit. If requested a Bailiff has right of sight.
  2. This permit is for coarse fishing only.
  3. All fish to be returned alive to the water.
  4. Fish Deaths must be reported to a bailiff.
  5. No fish should be taken away alive or dead without the express permission of the S.A.F. To do so may give rise to a civil prosecution or criminal prosecution under Schedule 1, Section 2 of the Theft Act.
  6. Anglers must show their permit to an official Bailiff. Any angler not in possession of a valid Annual Permit will be required to purchase a Day Permit. Day Permits are valid only for the day shown on the permit.
  7. All litter must be removed from the peg before and after fishing. No bait allowed on the bank in tin, bottles or jars.
  8. Access is only by way of designated routes; keep to the paths at all times. Park only in the car parks provided. No driving along banks or across fields. Gates to be locked at all times.
  9. Angling is only allowed on designated pegs.
  10. No camping, tents, fires, camping stoves or barbeques allowed.
  11. Anglers must not disturb wildlife.
  12. No digging banks, cutting trees or bushes. Anglers must not damage fences, styles, gates, signs or hedgerows etc.
  13. Anglers must obey all Environment Agency and Fishery Byelaws.
  14. Barbless hooks only on Radbroook and Mousecroft Pools
  15. Fishing is banned one hour after sunset until dawn on all S.A.F. waters.
  16. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated
  17. Abuse verbal or written of another be-it angler, bailiff or general public is unacceptable
  18. Anglers must at all times obey any request from an authorised bailiff.
  19. Anglers using the fisheries, do so entirely at their own risk.
  20. Anglers under the age of 12 do not require a permit to fish, except at Radbrook Pool.
  21. No worms, prawns, plugs, spinners, or any other form of artificial lure to be used at Sydney Avenue.
  22. Salmon anglers have priority at all times during the salmon season (i.e. 1st February to 7th October inclusive.)
  23. Special rules apply to coarse fishing in the Weir Pool at Sydney Avenue. Read the notice fixed to the railings by the access gate.
  24. Maximum of two rods allowed on all fisheries. Maximum distance between rod butts is 3 metres. No moving more than 5 metres away from rods when fishing.
  25. ALL Pools can be fished if you hold an Annual Permit. The only exception to this rule is Mousecroft Pool that may be fished on a day permit basis. No pre-baiting at Mousecroft and Radbrook Pools. Pike lure fishing is banned, with only dead or live bait as being the only options.
  26. Unhooking mats are recommended when fishing for specimen fish.
  27. No reserving pegs and no fishing the same peg on consecutive days.
  28. Additional rules with regards to penalties as in first and second strike on the Annual Permit book, followed by a total ban. As follows:
  • Failure to be instructed by a bailiff:
  • Written or spoken comment that is deemed fallacious against another permit holder will not be tolerated. Any grievance held should be dealt with as in item 24 of the constitution.
  • First and second strike issuing bailiff will report the strike and circumstances within 72   hours to the Secretary. The imposed strike will be confirmed in writing from the SAF Secretary to the individual and copy to issuing bailiff.
  • In the most extreme circumstance the bailiff may impose a joint first and second strike at his / her discretion. However MUST immediately inform the committee under the bailiff procedures in place.
  • In a two strike situation the committee shall convene and decide if a ban is prudent. In this instance the Secretary will issue a letter of ban to the individual. An appeal may be levied by the individual by writing to the Secretary. Upon such an event a committee meeting shall be called and the individual shall attend this meeting to plead his / her case.
  • Found fishing on an SAF water – outside the rules – you run the risk dependent upon your reaction / activity of actions far more reaching of just going fishing. “Theft of fishing permission” covers a multitude of sins. Enforceable as theft within the “Theft Act” in conjunction with this section 59 of the Criminal Justice Act may be imposed by the police.  This can result in the seizure of a vehicle in association of the act of theft.

SAF Rules for Bailiffs 

  1. He or she shall be a fully paid up Annual Permit Holder.
  2. Be in a responsible position to uphold all and any by-laws in the A copy of which should be given to each bailiff.
  3. Enforce said rules in a peaceable manner.
  4. Collect bank day permit revenue and shall be responsible to the Federation for those revenues.
  5. He or she will take a risk assessment of any situation and act accordingly.
  6. A Bailiff is expected to sell bank day permits.
  7. Request evidence of E/A Licence of any angler.
  8. Remove an individual for a given reason.
  9. Engage the Police in a given incident.
  10. A Bailiff will keep a day book, recording all relevant information with regard to the instance in question. Will not remove a page from his / her day book, will score a line through a blank page. The day book must have continuity, date order, chronology. A Bailiff has the ability to make a report / complaint against another individual in writing to the Secretary with full incident details.