Rea Brook

The Rea Brook is a truly wonderful fishery. A delight for the roving angler, game or coarse, it holds a fantastic array of species and invertebrate life. Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Sea Trout/Grilse, Salmon, Grayling, Pike, Perch, Roach, Dace, Chub in fact almost every freshwater species is to be found.

The Rea Brook flows through the Rea Brook valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty managed by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust. Here a wide and varied species of birds, flower and fauna can be found along its length before the Rea Brook ends its journey as it joins the River Severn upstream of the English Bridge.

Fishing is to both banks where permitted/accessible, to all Shropshire Anglers’ Federation season permit holders and day ticket holders. A dedicated team of Bailiffs have been assigned control of policing the entire Rea Brook section.

The upper limit starts at a point where a footbridge crosses the stream from Moneybrook Way (Map Ref: SJ 48725 BNG 10724). It flows in a easterly direction, winding its way through the local golf course before turning north and then north east toward the town centre and the River Severn. The lower limit is where it empties into the river Severn. Here fishing is limited due to the Brook passing a developed area of supermarkets and retail establishments. The banks on this lower section can unfortunately be unkempt, messy and untidy due to the nature of its commercial surroundings. However once above this lower section it is a totally different fishery altogether passing through idyllic hazy water meadows and fields, paddocks, coppice woods and established commons and woodland.

The fishery passes through some delightful surroundings. As it flows away from the busy Meole Island it enters the local golf course and gently winds its way past the many tees and greens that have claimed many a stray golf ball in its time. Access along the golf course section is by foot only and permitted by kind permission of Shrewsbury Town Council and the management of the golf course. Please obey any requests or instruction from the green-keepers or groundsmen at all times. Please keep to the paths.

As it passes under the A5112 the ‘Brook’ meanders through some fantastic surroundings. A line of trees either side flank the brook as it winds and weaves its way towards the Sutton area before tuning north and heading for the Rea Brook residential area. Full of twists and turns there is always something new and exciting around the next corner and is best tackled by travelling light. From the Rea Brook estate it then flows alongside the A5112. This section is stuffed to the gunwales with features, and fish.

The Rea Brook is packed full of features, deep holes, shallow glides and fast riffles, weirs and pools, undercut banks, overhanging branches and trees, short narrow sections, long wide sections, eddies and pools, and a full range of depths, it has it all. Quite often all of these features can be found in as little as just 20 yards !  An average width of around 4 to 5 yards gives the Rea Brook a very intimate feel providing the bank or wading angler some challenging fishing to bait or fly.

Mature wooded banks offer plenty of cover and at times swims can be few and far between, however we are currently in negotiation with the Environment Agency, Shropshire Wildlife Trust, and Shrewsbury Town Council to improve this fishery and its access for all. We are also seeking National Lottery grants to help make improvements to the fishery and its surroundings and to aid with the clearing and management.

The Rea Brook will respond quickly to any rainfall, colouring up and rising much quicker than the River Severn. It will also run crystal clear, days or even weeks before the River Severn too!