Pimley Manor


Pimley Manor offers over a mile and a half of un-tapped potential for the barbel, chub, perch and pike angler and is in essence the opposite bank to the Monkmoor fishery. Access to this fishery is along Sundorne Road and turning down Pimley Manor Lane, which is shortly after the Featherbed Lane/Shrewsbury Sports Club roundabout located just off the main A49. Proceed to the end of the lane and turn right, parking for three cars is on the grassy bank on the left beside the big brick barn – do not block the entrance to the houses or park anywhere apart from the grassy bank. Footpath access to the river is through the farm gate to the right of the houses.

The fishery itself starts on a short straight section before entering a long, sweeping left hand bend (photo left). The river then takes a gentle turn back to the right before splitting and running beside the island (photo below)- this narrow channel can fish well during flood conditions as fish seek shelter away from the main flow. At the bottom end of the island the channel rejoins the main river and then flows beneath the main road and the fishery ends at the small brook entering into the river. The trees and bushes are very dense at many points along this fishery and access can be difficult, but as mentioned above, can offer un-tapped potential for the roving angler.

The characteristics of the river here start with the main flow two thirds across the river producing a large deeper eddy for the first few pegs and then shallows as it enters into the left-hand bend in the “gorge”. As it exits the gorge the river deepens again and a large back eddy is formed during flood conditions. The main flow then pushes towards the near bank and shallows again near the island before splitting to run either side. The small channel running beside the island offers several “chub like” swims and is quite deep when the river is in flood and offers the stick float angler a few fine swims to trot. Many enticing crease swims are formed encouraging the angler to have a dabble! As this channel rejoins the main flow it forms a large eddy and confluence with medium depths fairly close in. It then settles down again and shallows slightly as it flows beneath the main road bridge. The end of the fishery is at the outlet of a small stream – the banks here are quite overgrown and access can be difficult during the summer.


Looking downstream towards the island

The banks on many parts of this fishery are very steep and often become treacherous after floods or rain, please take extra care. In excessive flood conditions many parts of this fishery are inaccessible due to the lower banks compared to the Monkmoor side.