Oxon Pool


Annual Permit holders only, NO DAY TICKETS. the only exception to this rule, as has always been, is a person registered with Oxon Touring Park may purchase a day permit from the park office for £7. This must be kept on your person whilst fishing and presented, along with valid EA Rod Licence, to an SAF Bailiff.

Oxon Pool is a fine example of a natural Kettle hole lake, typical of Shropshire Meres, and has been designated as a site of Special Wildlife Interest. At just under 2.5 Acres in size the pool is shallow, no greater than 5ft in the middle, with a soft sediment bed which is covered in Silk Weed through the warmer months. This makes it challenging to seek out its inhabitants.

Oxon is home to a wealth of natural classic still water species to specimen proportions. Being a natural lake the water is gin clear which intensifies the colouration of the fish. Particularly good sport can be found for Rudd to over a pound, Perch to 3lb, Pike to 25lb, Tench and Carp. Fishing as light waggler and maggot at just over a foot depth will produce Rudd and Perch on every cast. Pike can be seen in the margins and Tench bubbles rising across the lake. Float fishing a dead bait at shallow depth or lure fishing will produce Pike and bigger Perch throughout the year. Small bright pop-ups work well for Carp. The pool has 6 well maintained pegs on the West side and on platform on the East. All pegs are large enough to accommodate the specimen angler fishing two rods. The lake bed is very soft so under no circumstances wade into the water. There are two car parks on the West side accessed directly from Shepherds Lane for which you will need the standard SAF key to gain access.

Oxon Pool Rudd

Oxon Pool Rudd