Doctors Field

SY3 8QD    Aerial View

The Doctors Fields or Mount fishery offers around 400 metres/yards of right bank fishing situated above Shrewsbury Town centre and has a truly unlocked potential. Primarily for the Barbel or Chub angler looking for a quiet, peaceful stretch where a roving approach is preferred. Typically around 50 to 60 yards wide this fishery has plenty of features. Gentle bends and a smooth gravel bottom create plenty of areas to target with wooded and overgrown banks featuring on the lower section, giving way to open fields as you progress upstream. Varying depths offer plenty of scope for all styles and is best fished in summer/autumn. Good sport to rolled baits. Good Roach and Dace fishing at times.

Big predators can also be found, falling to deadbait through the autumn/winter, with good sport to be had to the mobile lure fisherman through the season. Large Perch from the sunken trees and the ‘boards’ at the lower end.

The section consists mostly of a long, gentle, left hand bend in the river before coursing right and meeting up with the ‘horseshoe’ of the County Ground. Slightly wider at the top end of the fishery, it has far bank features and weedy, streamy glides through the summer months. This is where the Barbel are normally found. Shallow gravel beaches can be found on the near bank. There are no pegs as such until you get to the lower part of the fishery where trees line the banks. Swims on this lower part can be tight.

Doctors Field is another of those ‘lost’ fisheries, hardly ever seeing an angler from season to season due to the walk involved and parking restrictions. No parking is available locally with only Frankwell car park being the closest convenient parking point (charge applies). The bonus being that normally you will have the whole stretch to yourself!

Situated above the town centre the fishery is currently the furthest upstream on the River Severn at Shrewsbury that can be fished by the SAF permit holder. There is a small section of a few hundred yards approaching the fishery that is classed as no fishing due to the houses and private land fronting the river (middle right of the photo below). You will know when you have reached the Doctors Fields and the lower limit of the fishery as on reaching a metal ‘kissing’ gate you will see a large wooden sign marked DOCTORS FIELDS.

Best access if approached from the Frankwell car park, is by following the path across the field on the opposite side of the car park to the footbridge, walking through the wood at the top of the County Ground and then joining and following the Severn Way upstream (When entering the car park, bear to your extreme left and park near the green chain link fence to the left of the cricket pavilion, near the playground). There are ‘kissing’ gates and steps along the path so taking a trolley is difficult and is best tackled by travelling light. Expect a 10 to 20 minute walk across fields. It will be uneven and muddy at times.

You may also gain access via Drinkwater Street, off the Frankwell roundabout. Walking up Drinkwater Street to its end, proceed down the steps turning left onto the path walking between the houses and the river. Please do not attempt to park here as it is strictly residents only. We have very ‘good’ traffic wardens that visit regularly due to its close proximity to the town centre. The closest free parking is on Copthorne road. Again, access with a trolley is difficult due to the steps, gates and stiles situated along the path.

Doctors Fields will become submerged with anything more than the slightest hint of a flood or around 2 metres of extra water so does not lend itself to floodwater fishing. Access will be impossible or you will become cut off due to the bankside being higher than the surrounding fields and access path. Do not attempt to fish this section on a swiftly rising river. This would be idiotic and dangerous. You would be putting yourself and possibly the lives of others at risk. The River Severn, even as far down as Shrewsbury can be, and is at times, a very unpredictable and angry river. The path on the lower section can also be very slippery following a flood. Please be very careful.

The best ‘floodwater’ fishing here would be a ‘flush’ of around 2 feet of coloured, warm rainwater on a ‘stale’ river at normal summer levels. Normal summer level is around 0.4m. A ‘flush’ of 2 feet would mean a level of around 1.0m. A ‘safe’ level of around 1.5m should be the maximum you consider fishing in. If the river is rising we would strongly suggest leaving the fishery.

Check our main home page for our Bailiffs daily river report or phone the Environment Agency rivercall.

This section is popular with dog walkers so please watch out for the odd ‘friendly’ dog looking for a titbit, also cows occasionally graze in these fields.

In the photo below, the river runs from left to right, the upstream limit is the hedge at the side of the second paddock and the downstream limit (where it joins the County Ground fishery) is the line of trees just at the end of the houses on the right of the photo – although as stated above, there is a small section of a few hundred yards approaching the fishery that is classed as no fishing due to the houses and private land fronting the river. So in essence this encompasses right hand bank fishing on the opposite side to the showground.