Castle Walk


The Castle Walk fishery is a long section, almost three quarters of a mile, of left hand bank fishing downstream of Shrewsbury Town centre. With a wide concrete towpath, access is possible for all abilities and is really a continuation from the lower Quarry section. Essentially the fishery starts at the ENGLISH BRIDGE and ends at Shrewsbury Weir. The bottom end of the fishery is the normal access spot, parking at Sydney Avenue and walking along the towpath upstream from the weir. You can also gain access from the car parks situated at St. Julians Friars, Wyle Cop and Abbey Foregate. The former two are adjacent to the river with Abbey Foregate a short walk of 300 yards towards the Town centre crossing the ENGLISH BRIDGE and walking down the steps either side of the bridge, alternatively continue past the bridge for 200 yards and take your first left towards St. Julians Friars car park.If approaching the fishery from outside Shrewsbury we suggest taking the inner link road (A5112) to the roundabout signposted TOWN CENTRE. This should be OLD POTTS WAY. Follow Old Potts Way past the cinema, Vauxhall dealership and Asda store. You will meet a one way system and have to turn left. For Wyle Cop and St. Julians follow signs for Town Centre and cross over the river via the English Bridge. For Abbey Foregate, follow the one way system keeping right but then crossing to the left hand lane once past the Wakeman School. The car park is 300 yards on the right and is signposted.

The River here is really a continuation from the Quarry section but with a slightly different character. After turning sharp left, shallowing and sliding gently beneath the English Bridge it deepens slightly and forms a wide, steady, even glide. Below the bridge it is typically weedy in the usual spots, margins and points mid river through the summer months, and approximately 60 or so yards wide. Fishing of all styles here. Excellent winter Predator fishing for the mobile angler. It passes opposite the old Gay Meadow site as it curves a long sweeping right hand bend towards Shrewsbury Castle and the Station Bridge. Here it kinks right as it rushes beneath the arches of the two imposing railway bridges. Very slippery beneath on the cobbles and certainly a very ‘atmospheric’ spot when the river has a few feet of angry water in it!

The lee of the bridge stanchions is always worth a cast as well as the nearside bank. Roach, Dace and Chub are normally caught just off the rod tip to around three rod lengths out. The stick is normally used and will usually provide some excellent catches with more than a fair share of specimen Perch at certain times. Pole can be used but please be aware the the towpath is very busy. Constant cyclists, dog walkers, pedestrians etc, so please be very careful when placing down rods or un-shipping pole sections etc.

During the summer it can sometimes be a 6 foot drop to the water so please ensure you have a suitable landing net/handle and long enough keepnet if you wish to use one. If fishing for predators ‘chinning’ or landing by hand is not possible along 99% of this fishery in normal conditions so please bring a large enough and strong enough landing net, and due to the concrete path, a suitable un-hooking mat. Predator anglers please also read the notes below.

The river takes on a more gentle, sedate pace as it leaves the Station bridge and deepens as it glides beautifully along an elongated, gentle ‘S’ bend before rapidly quickening before it passes over the lip of the weir. Typical Roach fishing to stick float and lures for the Pike angler. Good sport from the inside bank margins above the Castle Walk foot bridge. Deeper water below the foot bridge with 10′ not uncommon right off the edge of the path. Wide and comfortable you can spread out a little, just don’t put anything down behind you. Fishing at any point along the entire fishery length, left bank.