Butlers Pool


This pool is intended as our training pool for juniors, who fish free of charge up to the age of twelve. However they can only fish in the company of an elder. We do not mean in the company of a fourteen year old, we mean Mum or Dad or Granddad / Grandma, whosoever must be an annual member of the SAF. Wooden staging pegs are spread around the pool – some will comfortably accommodate more than one angler. Any SAF annual member can fish if they wish, we do ask however if the pool is heavily fished on a particular day and a junior and elder arrive, for you to make provision to assist that the youngster can get in and fish. I am sure you understand the point we are making here.

The pool itself fishes very well indeed and has a good head of varied stock. Roach to 2 lbs, Perch to 3 lbs, Rudd to 1.5 lbs, reasonable Carp also show well. Unless you are very unlucky your junior should see a bag of a couple of dozen fish banked in a couple of hours.

In fact I would say the pool fishing is fantastic. Strangely between 2pm and 4 pm can be known to go off the feed, I think they have a tea break!

Our local G.H.O.F. team have made a couple of visits giving youngsters taster sessions. All enjoyed the experience and more importantly ALL caught many fish!

A word of caution

This water is very deceptive, the road end of the pool being 7 foot in depth and the opposite end being four foot six inches. These depths are achievable less than 3 feet from the waters edge.

How to get to this venue. Easy take the Ellesmere Road out of town up to the Albrighton Hall Hotel, (not the Albright Hussy) when you get to the Albrighton Hotel proceed for about 100 yards along the main road, just after the s-bends in the village and the road straightens out you will see a phone box and a couple of white signs on your left and opposite you turn right into Plex Lane (very easy to miss the turn – if you come to the de-restricted speed sign you have come to far!). Follow the bends in Plex Lane (take care here the road is tight) within 300 yards you come to a straight and half way up the straight you will see on the right a six vehicle lay-by and on the left a large oak tree in the field. Over the style which is elder friendly and you are fishing.

Small Bulters Pool Mirror Carp

Don’t forget if you end up in the company of anglers that you feel are suspect or have no right to be fishing phone 07813544881 for an immediate Bailiff response. Abuse of this fishery will not be tolerated by the SAF or the Estate owners.