Bream & Tench

Mousecroft Pool is an excellent spot to fish for Bream and Tench with 40lb plus bags taken regularly in short sessions. The average size of Bream in Mousecroft is between 3 and 6lb with some specimens reaching the 8lb mark. Tench average between 2 and 4lb. Like most Cyprinideas Bream will feed from early spring to late autumn and are predominantly bottom feeding fish.  Both species can be found throughout Mousecroft Pool but the best catches usually come from the north end where the water is deepest. On sunny days in early spring they can be spotted in large shoals just below the surface and in mid water.  Early mornings and late evenings in the spring and summer deliver the best sport. During the spring Bream will begin to spawn and males grow small hard tubercles on their heads and flanks which they use to rub against females to induce them into shedding their eggs.

Mousecroft Bream

Feeder tactics work best, either open cage or method feeder styles filled with a light fishmeal mix combined with hook bait samples will bring the shoal on to the feed. The fishable side of Mousecroft provides nearside reeds and patches of pond weed and both Tench and Bream will never be far from these features. Some of my best Bream hauls have come from no further than two rod lengths out close to a patch of weed at the top end of the pool.  If you do not receive bites within an hour then move the feeder further out into the middle of the pool, recasting every twenty minutes.  Working the bait further out in the swim until your hook bait receives attention will enable you to locate a shoal. Once you have caught recast as soon as possible to the same spot and introduce a little more bait.  The remaining shoal will quickly return to the feeding area and your catch rate will increase.  Float fishing with a light waggler will also produce these species but it is essential to keep the feed going in, little and often, with small balls of ground bait to keep the shoal interested. When float fishing the hook bait should be fished well on the bottom, fishing over depth by six or eight inches.

Mousecroft Tench

Sweetcorn, maggots and halibut pellets all produce good catches. Bright pink Krill pellet works very well hair rigged onto a size 14 or 16 hook and a light mainline of 4-5lb.  The bites can be very delicate, a couple of twitches on the quiver tip so a light rod with a fine tip works best for bite detection. Neither do Bream fight hard and will come to the net easily on light tackle. However, Mousecroft is also home to some larger Carp which grow into high double figures so be prepared for a battle if fishing light and never leave the rod unattended.