Dale Dulson / John P Hunsley

I see the idiots are at it again, Dulson, Hunsley and co. Whoever has them as club members, seriously consider the fallout in supporting such salacious activity once again on FB. The latter loading the bullets for the former to fire. Being used once again and not realising it!

To all affiliated member clubs “membership”, rout them out, indeed any club for that matter! Seems they can say what they like, the moment you comment it disappears. No matter if it is Rea Brook Fishing or Gary Dodd or any other FB entity.

Just this weekend alone, nothing more than a total disgrace! Salacious comments made by Dale Dulson, a “VBS Bailiff”! A member of the supposedly impartial local VBS and obviously supported by co-ordinator SAC Chris Woods allowing him to run amok. Then again we all know the desired end product of all this disruption?

Hunsley now having lost the plot entirely? Sending a Christmas card to an innocent angling pensioner, who has totally no relationship other than being an angler. Advising he should “pass on the greeting to his T*** mate Dodd”………………….

More importantly scant regard by Kevin Pearson leader of VBS for Angling Trust, at the end of the day an NGO? How can you justify/support “by association” such sweeping comments against individuals and committees of written financial misconduct?

So Kevin Pearson as “head honcho” you’re reasoning, please? For sure A/T has assisted STC and Andy Jones to the hilt and the old cheque book has gone a long way to improve waters so far but at what price? Representative VBS members out of control and unaccountable, get serious Mr Pearson sort this abuse of the NGO that you represent!

SAF interest in the above relates purely to comments made against the committee in general and individual members.


Shortly we will be announcing the future for OXON POOL – EMSTREY FISHERY AND BUTLERS POOL. Many prospects have come to light and are now subject to value for money discussion within the trustees of S.A.F. Once a clear direction has been agreed by the Trustees, the matter will be put to the Affiliated Clubs for ratification.

Over and above the importance of the above S.A.F. Trustees would like to commemorate the 25 years of connection for the Town Waters by gifting 50 OAK, 50 HAWTHORN, 50 HAZEL NUT 1 metre rooted saplings. In the hope that some will be introduced into the new Monkmoor Meadows boundary fence being planned for 2019. The balance being used along other S.T.C. fishery river bank. If Helen Ball can arrange collection from my Home address please.

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JUNE 3rd…By agreement and within the six month notice period given, S.A.M.C. officially hands over control of Shrewsbury Town Waters to Shrewsbury Town Council.
An angler will still be able to buy an S.A.F./S.A.M.C. annual permit from this date and will enjoy the existing insurance cover, this will cease December 31st 2018. However, S.A.F./S.A.M.C. constitution and rules will not be enforceable from June 3rd 2018.
It had been expected that S.T.C. would have been across the six month period of notice to have opened the new website, with constitution, rules, signage for anglers to follow. Plus a Facebook for anglers input. Sadly this is not the case, thus Shrewsbury is currently very much in limbo no information of any description has been imparted to S.A.F./S.A.M.C. by S.T.C. for the hand over!
No notice has been received for the S.T.C. Bailiff who would benefit an angler to obtain a day permit to fish; at this time I presume none are available. Although the answer would be simple, no communication from S.T.C. is that I cannot impart this information.
All and any contact by mobile will not be by 07813544881, current S.A.F./S.A.M.C. signage will have this number removed. Until such times as new S.T.C.( now belated) signage is created. Your contact number is 01743 281010, Helen Ball or Mike Cox 9 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Retiring S.A.M.C Chairman mooting.

Certainly S.T.C. is so far away from being ready for the new angling season June 16th what is going on?

When is the “annual schedule of works” now four years old going to start, normally S.A.M.C. we would be through the first three months of completion, indeed the most costly period? Not one word in complaint from the “group”? Play a game of catch up, no chance as S.A.M.C. contractor has no contact in any respect by S.T.C.

How much is it going to cost? I say this as S.T.C. is VAT registered, keep permit charges as they are and net income will be reduced by 20%. Or do they increase day and annual permit by 20%, just to stand still?

What are the rules, maybe a simple mirror of S.A.M.C?

Where is the constitution for all and sundry to abide by in 23 days?

“Marmite” accused of not listening over the years, oh so bloody wrong! Held by conventions since 1993, could do little other than “tow the line”, pushing and succeeding in an ever evolving end product over the years.

Yes, I proposed in the “expression of interest” a C.I.O. (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) a managing company. The Board would have been a committee of nine, of which two members would have seen Helen Ball and Mike Cox, affording the degree of input Helen Ball wanted. The seven would have been taken from the floor at A.G.M., to include Andy Jones, invaluable in relation to the competition season. The annual permit holder would have been a voting single share (shareholder) within that period year, for A.G.M. or E.G.M. Most importantly to all permit holders the (C.I.O.) would not have been VAT registered, thus charges/income would not have been affected. Evidently this was not good enough; the net result is so far no action whatsoever. Save for cutting boughs out of County Ground, which is not critical until late September, yet they leave the boughs in the river under the peg, now come on?

Monkmoor Fishery, eight months of badgering S.T.C. and SC over the sale offer of S.T.W. land, to record historical access for 50 years for dog walkers and anglers ignored! So now you park under the bridge and walk, or top end from Riverdale Road wicket, the stiles having been removed and fenced off, so too the little lay-by before the lane gate.

“Rea Brook Fishing” have so far 2018 enjoyed good sport on the S.A.M.C. section, no issues just good sport! Yet in previous years with a hundred stands strimmed out twice in the summer months, oh the complaints just kept coming.

Sydney Avenue, well what can you say! No cutting, no strimming, no weed killing just one big mess.

Castle Walk, fishing was banned from Greyfriars to the Weir last year by S/C Highways (custodian) supported by S.T.C. Just to name four fisheries.

Don’t point the finger at “Marmite” or the committee, point it at the few that took the fun and light hardheartedness of running S.A.M.C., the caretaker an ever evolving entity. Those that can remember, think back eleven years ago how S.A.F./S.A.M.C. stood at the close of Nick Argue regime as chairman!

“Never have so many owed so little to the few”!.

Shrewsbury Angling Management Committee (SAMC) founded 1993 closes

SAMC is now entering a period of being dissolved. Annual Permit will be available to be purchased and will be honoured by STC until December 31st 2018, this will include insurance cover which will run until December 31st 2018.

However, constitution and rules of SAMC will change over to Shrewsbury Town Council June 3rd, through what I understand, will be on a new STC Angling website.

SAF/SAMC Facebook and website have undergone the name change to SAF only. It is envisaged that the SAF Facebook will cease as you have known it. SAF will not have a need for a public input entity and the website itself will be based as representative of SAF affiliated clubs and fisheries.

Most importantly a closed group member input will be afforded as a discussion platform for the end product “yet to discovered” of Oxon and Emstrey fisheries however will include an inter Affiliated Club competition scene of Canal, pool and river.

With regard to Oxon Pool and Emstrey “Game and Coarse”, these fisheries are currently under an SAF LIEN and run by a caretaker SAF syndicate. Fine tuning of this latter feature is under discussion to discover an end product that caters for the all the needs of these waters. Once concluded, notification will be placed on the SAF website only.

Butlers Pool will continue to be utilised as a training pool, having been exceptionally successful over the last three years, indeed 2017 SAMC receiving a total of 46 junior annual permit holders from the good works of Alex Wakely competitive schooling sessions. Whilst on the subject of SAF/SAMC success, Gary Dodd in 2016 sold no less than 1000 day permit, a record for any angling institution!


A personal view by  Chairman of SAF/SAMC in relation to change in management

SAF/SAMC, for the last eleven years have evolved year on year. Displacing volunteer support, to contractor set annual work schedules for sure 15k investment annually. The main reason for this is changes in laws governing the use of machinery from strimmer upwards with regard to competency certificates and uninsured non certified user / volunteer.

Over and above the management and improvements that have taken place have without argument set a benchmark of “key value for money” to the Council by SAF/SAMC, via maximum re-investment of income.

Whoever or whatever the future management of the town waters, will we see a step backwards or forwards only time will tell. Certainly SAF will continue general business to Affiliated Clubs; it is the SAMC that will no longer exist as managers of the town waters. A variety of reasons, both internal and external exist in the decision of relinquishing the agreement on renewal.

SAF/SAMC has always been based upon volunteer committee services save for disbursement to Secretary and Treasurer, simply to cover costs of service. Otherwise all and any support given by committee has been solely to the benefit of SAF and SAMC, as volunteer.

Simple things come to mind, midnight or 6 am and the telephone call states “we followed another angler into Monkmoor with no key for the gate we are locked in”. Yes turn out for sure, you will be required to resolve this. So too the farmers call states “nine anglers night fishing Emstrey at 11pm with cars on field”. Pitch black, turn out you must and face the challenge. Evidenced, one E/A between them and not an ounce of respect. The air streaming with grass being smoked and the clank of beer cans. For sure, resolved however and home by 1 am.

So whoever or whatever, selling the permit is the tip of the iceberg. Criticised indeed we are by some, for this and that, never enough. Even as to why we did not spend 10k on a borehole at Mousecroft to maintain the water level. The answer was too simple; we had no lien on the fishery it belongs to Council. Would you spend 10k to improve an element you do not own, no, utter madness to do so? Yes funding options were available and amounted to 20% of the total. Mousecroft deemed to go the same way as that beautiful and bountiful pool behind the hall upstream on water table of Mousecroft, a dust bowl! Oh, for sure SAF/SAMC took the initiative, never forget that!

So I await sight of the “expression of interest” being released and the contents therein with vigour.

To all of those, doubters, critics of the management of town waters by long serving volunteers via SAF/SAMC. It is now time to put your hands up, take it on do a better job without taking a step back. Fail and you may find control passing to a distant management regime, with little interest in the local angler.

So to any and all annual permit holder of town waters. Yes in June the fisheries will change hands. NO IT WILL NOT EFFECT YOU! Agreements no matter what, will ensure the contingent that the permit purchased will stay in force until Decemeber 31st 2018
John Roberts

SAF gift GHOF again

Further to the SAF financial support previously given to Adrian and Karl of G.H.O.F. (Get Hooked on Fishing) Shrewsbury. Who summarily and quite rightly boast the achievement of no less than over 2000 juniors in Shropshire Schools passing through G.H.O.F. in 2016 alone. Achieving accreditation taster and academic qualifications to boot.

We, SAF take pleasure as a result of a Shropshire Star plea for old anglers to give up tackle for the benefit of juniors. Had reasonable success from Bishops Castle to Telford, we collected the “ill gotten gains”, some twenty rods and condensed into two fishing box/seats some 15 reels and loads of assorted floats, hooks, weights, etc. With rod bags full of assorted rods bags full of assorted rods.20171018_154056 20171018_154102

Shrewsbury Classic River Festival 2017

Welcome to the Shrewsbury Classic River Festival 2017. After a fantastic festival last year, this year’s festival will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the 10th, 11th and 12th of October 2017. The festival will be run on the same format as last year. I have decided to increase the entry from 60 to 72 due to the high demand last year. The prize money will therefore increase alongside this (see competition rules). To make things easier on the day I want to collect the parking fees with the entry money. The parking fees will again allow you to park behind your pegs in the quarry and also in an area near the boat ramp in the county ground.

As you may have read in last year’s festival and open match reports the fish stocks have dramatically increased and produced record breaking results. I am hoping this will reflect strongly in the results this year.

I am pleased to say that Shrewsbury Council has helped a great deal by clearing some of the pegs that were in need of a lot of work to bring them back into the fold. Thank you for your help.

The Festival will be in Association with The Shropshire Anglers Federation and Total Angling. I have approached Tackle Companies again to support the event and all the companies I have asked, Matrix, Preston Innovations, Sonu Baits, Map, Garbolino, Shakespeare (Pure Fishing), Sensas, Daiwa , Drennan, Maver, Browning and Dinsmores,  have all fantastically agreed to do so. I would like to thank them now for their support. Without these companies we simply would not have some of the finest tackle available on the market today.

Full rules and the entry list confirming places will also be on Total Anglings web Site. Again, I have had a huge response and I has sold out very quickly. If the demand for places reaches more than 72 for this festival, It is intended to increase the entry further next year. There will be a reserve list in place should anyone drop out. Tickets are not transferable. we are really looking forward to another great festival.

Catch up on preparations on Facebook

Andy Jones…SAF/SAMC Committee member and Contest Organiser



On our output of the 14th August, I made mention of some good news to come within the month of August. Our intention to increase where possible the “value for money” for day and annual permit holders of SAF/SAMC. Intentionally being an ever evolving element of our intent.
All and any new fishery added to our water portfolio, currently “roughly” 8 miles of river bank and four pools, must have potential, ease of access and previously under fished. It is with great pleasure I am able tonight to confirm discussions have completed in additional water for SAF/SAMC day and annual permit holders.
Downstream of Sydney Avenue and adjoining, the water known as Albrighton Anglers Association is now included in your permit day or annual. Not fished legally for a long time now falls under the SAF /SAMC fishing permit, control, Bailiff and insurance. Course and Game are included, with the fishery holding many historical hotspots to boost your prospects.
What ancient pegs naturally available will need a bit of TLC? Certainly in the start of your campaign, carrying a thrashing stick would be well advised. It will take us a couple of years to rein her into what we expect of our pegs, I am sure though you will appreciate the new water more, over and above a bit of initial DIY.
It is hoped also during August to announce another two fisheries being added to our portfolio and we guarantee you will be the second to know over and above committee. Both with ease of access, under fished and offering a variety of sport, with little or no travelling.