A natural fungus attack due to the mild winter coupled with this now cold period, we have a problem. Carp, in particular, will shoal close to each other and become semi-dormant. In this natural state immunity lowers, the net product is a proliferation of a fungus that can cover the head or entire body. Generally, the carp do not struggle to breathe on the surface, it is possible that a few may die.

Environment Agency informed and keeping an eye on the situation; we hope to see the problem clear in two to three weeks. However, we ask you do not fish or feed the pool during this time. Re-opening will be announced as soon as possible.

Kind regards

John Roberts, Chairman

Monkmoor Lane Repairs

Monkmoor Lane:
A disaster zone by any measure, certainly not improved by the last few weeks of rain. Since the repairs of some five years ago has gradually deteriorated, the main problem being any new stone you put in just swells to the shoulder of the lane. This effect can be apparent within months of putting in new stone.
Last Saturday matters were in hand and commercially quantified, demonstrating the size of the problem. Just to fill in some 40 ton of 40 ml crushed stone at £12 per ton. Although including delivery did not take account of laying.
Agreed by SAF committee that the above is not the way forward and will be only a short-term fix and expensive, for such an address of the problem.
Machinery now purchased will utilise the stone already on hand. The intention is to in effect relay the lane surface. To accomplish this end product stone from the shoulder of the driveway will be drawn away from the edge and used in conjunction with the centre stone to create a raised narrower drive in the section alongside the by-pass. A passing lay-by may be needed to be installed we will see.
Flooding has in the past been experienced as a settlement on the drive surface itself and ingress from excess down-wash from the by-pass making for the lowest point, presently the drive surface. To offset this condition, the raising of the drive will offset some of this ingress. However in an attempt to clear the matter up for good, it is hoped to implement a ditch between the drive and the hedge line. The ditch should take water from the drive and by-pass spilling out onto the field and away.
An additional benefit is that the machine can rejuvenate the Monkmoor drive surface annually. Also pathways, drives and car parks on other fisheries.
Proposed works :
Monkmoor Lane will receive a repair programme. The programme will NOT be a three-day wonder! It will be over a period, as and when I am able to spare the time.
SAF have bought the advised machine; I will be donating tractor, diesel and my time.
The lane is in three sections:
Straight drive from the gate:
Hard tarmacadam surface will receive pothole compacted road scapling infill.
Section two:
From the first bend to the section that adjoins the parallel to the new by-pass:
Will receive 6-inch deep power harrowing, the shoulder stone being drawn into the main drag.
Section three:
300 yards parallel to by-pass:
Will receive the same as section two.
Deep score section two and three and leave to drain. Power harrow the entire length of both sections two and three and let it settle. Power harrow to a narrower and higher elevation stone driveway and roll.
During this reclamation period some days the lane will be closed and others not. You the angler will encounter somewhat less in the way of potholes but softer top surface to drive on until completed. Sadly cannot be avoided save for closing the lane entirely for a couple of weeks weather dependant……………….If you are a none local suggest you phone 07813544881 to obtain an update for your day in question.
Any offers of help with regard to driving secondary machines to speed the process welcomed. As in diesel compact tractor with front end hydraulic loader or hi-tip skip loader. Transferring scalping material to first section pothole fill or additional section two and three gathering shoulder material. Direct offers of help to 077813544881 more than welcome, if nothing else will speed up the process. Some of you may think get on with it, no problem it will serve just to extend the transition period………….
Kind regards
Sir John

December Fish of the Month

The winner of the last FOTM competition of 2015 is awarded to Richard Charles for a fine brace of winter Barbel of Christmas Eve. The water temperature has remained unseasonably high throughout the festive period and, although dropping now, remains fair for Barbel fishing into early 2016. The river level remains high and continues to peak above the bank so if you do venture out please be careful. Do not be tempted to wade into the water and don’t fish from pegs which are steep and slippery. The river leaves a lot of mud and silt behind when it recedes making the bank treacherous under foot. Stay safe and tight lines for 2016.

A Christmas Eve double hook up for Richard Charles

A Christmas Eve double hook up for Richard Charles


Merry Christmas

It’s the time of year we spend with friends, family and loved ones. One thing I have learned this year is that life is short and it can be cruel to those we know and love. I’ve lost a couple of friends recently and now, at Christmas, the void they leave is most poignant. It’s filled with sadness for those of us left behind to contemplate the year and savor the moments of happiness experienced with those now gone from this world.

Fishing, although quite often a solitary pursuit, usually comes to mind to me when I consider the highlights of my life over the last twelve months. When I think back over that time I realize been privileged to experience the best that Shrewsbury has to offer, on river and pool. The quality of our sport depends on the abundance of our quarry which changes over time for many reasons. Certainly the best of our sport isn’t as good as it was in previous years and decades. However, We shouldn’t under estimate how good we have it here on our doorstep. Good fishing, with good friends, is as good as it gets. If, like me, you have been fortunate to experience that this year then cherish those moments because spending good times with people we love is, in my opinion, the very best of life!

On a lighter note: There’s no Fish Of The Month entries so far and unlikely to be now the weather is turning cold and the river on the rise. So, I submit this – 8lbs of finest turf cutting equipment caught fair and square on rod and line from the river at Monkmoor.

Turf Cutter

As a friend commented: It’s probably a discarded murder weapon now covered in my finger prints! Oh wonderful!

Merry Christmas and tight lines for the coming new year!


November Fish of the Month

Well done to Richard Thomas who caught this well known big Sydney Avenue Barbel. Richard weighed the fish at 13lb 10oz. Recognizable by the dark vertical bar down center of the right flank and missing section of the top ray of the top tail fin lobe, this fish has graced the net of many lucky anglers over the last few years. Its weight is the subject of much debate and has been claimed at widely different values. This is one of the largest known Barbel on Sydney avenue if not across the entire SAF portfolio of river sections.

It's that big Sydney Avenue Double again caught by Richard Thomas.  November 2015 FOTM

It’s that big Sydney Avenue Double again caught by Richard Thomas. November 2015 FOTM

Salmon Day Permit

Due to requests made to SAF committee, as to the availability of a Salmon Day Permit. We are pleased to announce the introduction for this coming salmon season (day permit). Cost will be £20 for a dawn to dusk day permit.

Day Permit will be able to be purchased from Total Angling. You will need to produce your Environment Agency Salmon Licence. This permit will cover all of our SAF river portfolio waters.

We appreciate that your intention to fish the dawn may not be convenient for the travelling angler to obtain a permit on the day in question. For this purpose you can purchase a pre-dated on-line permit here via PayPal. No other options of purchase of a permit over and above from shop or online are availed.

Irrespective of how you purchase your day permit you must carry your day permit and E/A licence and if utilised your PayPal receipt with on the day of fishing. As surely you will be asked to show this detail, unable to do so you will be asked to leave the fishery.


Requested by the E/A, the following restrictions apply until further notice:

No Coarse fishing in the Weir Pool, downstream of Fisherman’s Walk you may Coarse Fish throughout the Coarse season. No Pike PLUGGING, LURE, DEAD OR LIVE BAIT in the whole length of Sydney Avenue. This is purely due to the excessive volume of salmon running at this time and expected to continue through November. As always, you may Pike fish during Coarse season on any other section using any tactic.