Dale Dulson / John P Hunsley

I see the idiots are at it again, Dulson, Hunsley and co. Whoever has them as club members, seriously consider the fallout in supporting such salacious activity once again on FB. The latter loading the bullets for the former to fire. Being used once again and not realising it!

To all affiliated member clubs “membership”, rout them out, indeed any club for that matter! Seems they can say what they like, the moment you comment it disappears. No matter if it is Rea Brook Fishing or Gary Dodd or any other FB entity.

Just this weekend alone, nothing more than a total disgrace! Salacious comments made by Dale Dulson, a “VBS Bailiff”! A member of the supposedly impartial local VBS and obviously supported by co-ordinator SAC Chris Woods allowing him to run amok. Then again we all know the desired end product of all this disruption?

Hunsley now having lost the plot entirely? Sending a Christmas card to an innocent angling pensioner, who has totally no relationship other than being an angler. Advising he should “pass on the greeting to his T*** mate Dodd”………………….

More importantly scant regard by Kevin Pearson leader of VBS for Angling Trust, at the end of the day an NGO? How can you justify/support “by association” such sweeping comments against individuals and committees of written financial misconduct?

So Kevin Pearson as “head honcho” you’re reasoning, please? For sure A/T has assisted STC and Andy Jones to the hilt and the old cheque book has gone a long way to improve waters so far but at what price? Representative VBS members out of control and unaccountable, get serious Mr Pearson sort this abuse of the NGO that you represent!

SAF interest in the above relates purely to comments made against the committee in general and individual members.