Shortly we will be announcing the future for OXON POOL – EMSTREY FISHERY AND BUTLERS POOL. Many prospects have come to light and are now subject to value for money discussion within the trustees of S.A.F. Once a clear direction has been agreed by the Trustees, the matter will be put to the Affiliated Clubs for ratification.

Over and above the importance of the above S.A.F. Trustees would like to commemorate the 25 years of connection for the Town Waters by gifting 50 OAK, 50 HAWTHORN, 50 HAZEL NUT 1 metre rooted saplings. In the hope that some will be introduced into the new Monkmoor Meadows boundary fence being planned for 2019. The balance being used along other S.T.C. fishery river bank. If Helen Ball can arrange collection from my Home address please.

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