JUNE 3rd…By agreement and within the six month notice period given, S.A.M.C. officially hands over control of Shrewsbury Town Waters to Shrewsbury Town Council.
An angler will still be able to buy an S.A.F./S.A.M.C. annual permit from this date and will enjoy the existing insurance cover, this will cease December 31st 2018. However, S.A.F./S.A.M.C. constitution and rules will not be enforceable from June 3rd 2018.
It had been expected that S.T.C. would have been across the six month period of notice to have opened the new website, with constitution, rules, signage for anglers to follow. Plus a Facebook for anglers input. Sadly this is not the case, thus Shrewsbury is currently very much in limbo no information of any description has been imparted to S.A.F./S.A.M.C. by S.T.C. for the hand over!
No notice has been received for the S.T.C. Bailiff who would benefit an angler to obtain a day permit to fish; at this time I presume none are available. Although the answer would be simple, no communication from S.T.C. is that I cannot impart this information.
All and any contact by mobile will not be by 07813544881, current S.A.F./S.A.M.C. signage will have this number removed. Until such times as new S.T.C.( now belated) signage is created. Your contact number is 01743 281010, Helen Ball or Mike Cox 9 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.