Retiring S.A.M.C Chairman mooting.

Certainly S.T.C. is so far away from being ready for the new angling season June 16th what is going on?

When is the “annual schedule of works” now four years old going to start, normally S.A.M.C. we would be through the first three months of completion, indeed the most costly period? Not one word in complaint from the “group”? Play a game of catch up, no chance as S.A.M.C. contractor has no contact in any respect by S.T.C.

How much is it going to cost? I say this as S.T.C. is VAT registered, keep permit charges as they are and net income will be reduced by 20%. Or do they increase day and annual permit by 20%, just to stand still?

What are the rules, maybe a simple mirror of S.A.M.C?

Where is the constitution for all and sundry to abide by in 23 days?

“Marmite” accused of not listening over the years, oh so bloody wrong! Held by conventions since 1993, could do little other than “tow the line”, pushing and succeeding in an ever evolving end product over the years.

Yes, I proposed in the “expression of interest” a C.I.O. (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) a managing company. The Board would have been a committee of nine, of which two members would have seen Helen Ball and Mike Cox, affording the degree of input Helen Ball wanted. The seven would have been taken from the floor at A.G.M., to include Andy Jones, invaluable in relation to the competition season. The annual permit holder would have been a voting single share (shareholder) within that period year, for A.G.M. or E.G.M. Most importantly to all permit holders the (C.I.O.) would not have been VAT registered, thus charges/income would not have been affected. Evidently this was not good enough; the net result is so far no action whatsoever. Save for cutting boughs out of County Ground, which is not critical until late September, yet they leave the boughs in the river under the peg, now come on?

Monkmoor Fishery, eight months of badgering S.T.C. and SC over the sale offer of S.T.W. land, to record historical access for 50 years for dog walkers and anglers ignored! So now you park under the bridge and walk, or top end from Riverdale Road wicket, the stiles having been removed and fenced off, so too the little lay-by before the lane gate.

“Rea Brook Fishing” have so far 2018 enjoyed good sport on the S.A.M.C. section, no issues just good sport! Yet in previous years with a hundred stands strimmed out twice in the summer months, oh the complaints just kept coming.

Sydney Avenue, well what can you say! No cutting, no strimming, no weed killing just one big mess.

Castle Walk, fishing was banned from Greyfriars to the Weir last year by S/C Highways (custodian) supported by S.T.C. Just to name four fisheries.

Don’t point the finger at “Marmite” or the committee, point it at the few that took the fun and light hardheartedness of running S.A.M.C., the caretaker an ever evolving entity. Those that can remember, think back eleven years ago how S.A.F./S.A.M.C. stood at the close of Nick Argue regime as chairman!

“Never have so many owed so little to the few”!.