A personal view by  Chairman of SAF/SAMC in relation to change in management

SAF/SAMC, for the last eleven years have evolved year on year. Displacing volunteer support, to contractor set annual work schedules for sure 15k investment annually. The main reason for this is changes in laws governing the use of machinery from strimmer upwards with regard to competency certificates and uninsured non certified user / volunteer.

Over and above the management and improvements that have taken place have without argument set a benchmark of “key value for money” to the Council by SAF/SAMC, via maximum re-investment of income.

Whoever or whatever the future management of the town waters, will we see a step backwards or forwards only time will tell. Certainly SAF will continue general business to Affiliated Clubs; it is the SAMC that will no longer exist as managers of the town waters. A variety of reasons, both internal and external exist in the decision of relinquishing the agreement on renewal.

SAF/SAMC has always been based upon volunteer committee services save for disbursement to Secretary and Treasurer, simply to cover costs of service. Otherwise all and any support given by committee has been solely to the benefit of SAF and SAMC, as volunteer.

Simple things come to mind, midnight or 6 am and the telephone call states “we followed another angler into Monkmoor with no key for the gate we are locked in”. Yes turn out for sure, you will be required to resolve this. So too the farmers call states “nine anglers night fishing Emstrey at 11pm with cars on field”. Pitch black, turn out you must and face the challenge. Evidenced, one E/A between them and not an ounce of respect. The air streaming with grass being smoked and the clank of beer cans. For sure, resolved however and home by 1 am.

So whoever or whatever, selling the permit is the tip of the iceberg. Criticised indeed we are by some, for this and that, never enough. Even as to why we did not spend 10k on a borehole at Mousecroft to maintain the water level. The answer was too simple; we had no lien on the fishery it belongs to Council. Would you spend 10k to improve an element you do not own, no, utter madness to do so? Yes funding options were available and amounted to 20% of the total. Mousecroft deemed to go the same way as that beautiful and bountiful pool behind the hall upstream on water table of Mousecroft, a dust bowl! Oh, for sure SAF/SAMC took the initiative, never forget that!

So I await sight of the “expression of interest” being released and the contents therein with vigour.

To all of those, doubters, critics of the management of town waters by long serving volunteers via SAF/SAMC. It is now time to put your hands up, take it on do a better job without taking a step back. Fail and you may find control passing to a distant management regime, with little interest in the local angler.

So to any and all annual permit holder of town waters. Yes in June the fisheries will change hands. NO IT WILL NOT EFFECT YOU! Agreements no matter what, will ensure the contingent that the permit purchased will stay in force until Decemeber 31st 2018
John Roberts