SAF gift GHOF again

Further to the SAF financial support previously given to Adrian and Karl of G.H.O.F. (Get Hooked on Fishing) Shrewsbury. Who summarily and quite rightly boast the achievement of no less than over 2000 juniors in Shropshire Schools passing through G.H.O.F. in 2016 alone. Achieving accreditation taster and academic qualifications to boot.

We, SAF take pleasure as a result of a Shropshire Star plea for old anglers to give up tackle for the benefit of juniors. Had reasonable success from Bishops Castle to Telford, we collected the “ill gotten gains”, some twenty rods and condensed into two fishing box/seats some 15 reels and loads of assorted floats, hooks, weights, etc. With rod bags full of assorted rods bags full of assorted rods.20171018_154056 20171018_154102