On our output of the 14th August, I made mention of some good news to come within the month of August. Our intention to increase where possible the “value for money” for day and annual permit holders of SAF/SAMC. Intentionally being an ever evolving element of our intent.
All and any new fishery added to our water portfolio, currently “roughly” 8 miles of river bank and four pools, must have potential, ease of access and previously under fished. It is with great pleasure I am able tonight to confirm discussions have completed in additional water for SAF/SAMC day and annual permit holders.
Downstream of Sydney Avenue and adjoining, the water known as Albrighton Anglers Association is now included in your permit day or annual. Not fished legally for a long time now falls under the SAF /SAMC fishing permit, control, Bailiff and insurance. Course and Game are included, with the fishery holding many historical hotspots to boost your prospects.
What ancient pegs naturally available will need a bit of TLC? Certainly in the start of your campaign, carrying a thrashing stick would be well advised. It will take us a couple of years to rein her into what we expect of our pegs, I am sure though you will appreciate the new water more, over and above a bit of initial DIY.
It is hoped also during August to announce another two fisheries being added to our portfolio and we guarantee you will be the second to know over and above committee. Both with ease of access, under fished and offering a variety of sport, with little or no travelling.