In simple terms the pool is suffering “Algal Bloom”, the immediate consequence is the loss of two good sized fish, so far. Tests for D-O “dissolved Oxygen” proved positive accounting to plus 129%, subsequently during the dark hours this will reverse into minus “Depleted Oxygen”.

Fish stocks will come under extreme pressure so soon after spawning, stress in the act of actually catching and playing any fish can only exacerbate the problem. Sadly committee have decided upon the action of closing the pool for up to four weeks. We will announce the all clear as soon as practicable, gate chains have been overlocked and signage will go up, however how long the signs actually last is anyone’s guess.

Spreading disease and the like:

On another matter of the importance of ensuring nets and kit are clean, in relation to the spreading of disease and like. Typically in our instance as an example at Mousecroft we have to the side of one peg a patch Himalayan Balsam sprouting, this will be removed immediately before any chance of seeding takes place. Quite possible an angler has come from river to pool and high probability of a damp landing net. Please try to keep your kit, in particular landing and keep nets hosed down and dried before changing rivers or going from river to pool and visa – versa.