Well 2016 is nearly burned out, for some a good year and others  not so. Sport was varied, with summer river levels playing a big part. I believe from what I have heard, Barbel seemed very patchy,  Salmon difficult though some 40 odd fish were landed. Equally the Salmon run was a little beleaguered with water levels low and then big flushes clearing what fish that were holding below the Weir Pool, predominantly unseen by the many who spent hours watching from the railings.

Contractor based fishery servicing has worked well this year, in fact, all went to plan. The annual schedule of works raised in February was indeed fulfilled and will be repeated in 2017. The new peg bases on the Monkmoor Fishery have been well utilised and received, with many satisfying remarks being made. The intentions were to address both Coarse and Salmon anglers alike, with two of the four bases sat on salmon holdings, a dual benefit. For the 2017 season our attention is drawn to improvements to pegs on our illustrious “Sydney Avenue”. It is intended to replace four pegs bases with the “scaffold / stone basket”, steps will be improved with either timber or scaffold / stone ladders. Either way the new steps will be roughly 30 inches wide to enable varied river level fishing with a degree of comfort.

Following on with Contractor’s work schedule, we thank them for the works carried out on County Ground and Quarry Fisheries in September to accommodate the packed contest programme, managed by our committee member Andy Jones for the month of October. A resounding success by any standards. As we know October still holds silvers upstream a little of some Quarry pegs, thus weights were good but not exceptional. I say this based upon November contest returns show an increase that is dramatic by comparison. A direct example would be Saturday 3rd December, Ian Speedy Ward bagged 29 lbs and not even in the running, as 43 to 41 lbs took the top three places. Today, as I write, news comes in of the results of the 10th December contest with Ian Speedy Ward taking top prize with 53 lb, with many in the 50’s, a lot more in the 40’s. A fuller report will be on our Facebook, once full details are in. Some have said why not have the October diary in November?  The reasoning is that river levels in November can be a problem.

Investment is key to SAF/SAMC evolving and striding for the ultimate. To invest you need income, at the same time do all you can to induce new blood into the sport, as in juniors taking up angling. 2017 tariffs we feel will accommodate and address these issues and announced under the “permit” tab on this website. With regard to Junior angling, our level two angling coaches Alex Wakely had a very successful 2016 season, resulting in twelve out of some forty attendees winning through to “free” Junior SAF/SAMC Annual permits. Butlers Pool, the venue as always stumping up to the occasion, with an abundance of Sivers, carp and even chub!

Affiliated Club entities enjoy the ultimate in CLUB insurance through SAF/SAMC. Indeed, I have noticed some other club insurance cover claims made against them, However, do NOT cover DEFENCE COSTS, unbelievable! It is intended that any club that feels the cover they have may not be the best cover they could enjoy, simply make contact and we will attend your AGM with a short 15 minute presentation of SAF/SAMC insurance. At £1.65 per club member for the ultimate cover cannot be sneezed at. Joining the Affiliated Club programme is your option, no joining fee, just as stated. 2017 being the year to encourage more affiliates throughout Shropshire.

From SAF/SAMC may we wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.