Shrewsbury Quarry Competition Season

In an attempt to promote the October 2016 competition season, SAF/SAMC embarked upon a drone video of the Quarry and County Ground.

This drone video created in the first two weeks of October contests and also none competitive days “weather permitting”. Purely gives a flavour/ example/pictorial of the efforts of the SAF/SAMC.

Hopefully, demonstrating and attempting a constant evolving effort. Offering over 90 fishing pegs, for any and all angling club to utilise, putting Shrewsbury back onto the national angling map.

Full certificates for flying, permissions and insurance, were in hand, and no animals harmed during the making of this film. Full Copyright is held and must not be shared or repeated without express permission.

Speakers on and relax for ten minutes, swing over to our Facebook and have a look!.