None E/A licence holder:

Additional penalties are being, introduced and imposed on the “none” Environment Agency licence holder by SAF, on SAF waters.

If found in possession of rod and line, “line in the water” and unable to prove and show your E/A licence this will create a problem.

Firstly, we have the standard SAF practice of the police being asked to attend, ascertain your details and process the alleged offence. Prosecution by the police or section 9 statements completed, forwarded to E/A Warrington Enforcement Office, for prosecution by the E/A, will follow.

Secondly, the above then raises the question of the Fisheries Act 2003 for “theft of fishing permission.” Distinctly, unrelated! Being unlicensed, you are unable to obtain an SAF day or annual permit thus committing a second offence.

This offence can be attended to in one of two ways. Circumstance dependant can be handled either by prosecution for “theft”, as per “theft of fishing of fishing permission” or by way of an £80 Fixed Penalty Fine, issued on the spot. This latter option however still going on record with the E/A, thus a repeat offender will eventually pay the full price.