Signal Crayfish Trapping

A pilot scheme on SAF / SAMC Shrewsbury Town Waters has been agreed, for the purpose of setting Crayfish Traps on a 300-yard section of the river. The traps will be monitored and managed by an E/A Crayfish Licence holder and SAF / SAMC permit holder with 25 years’ experience of Town Waters.

Upon request, Environment Agency has issued a Signal Crayfish Trapping Licence for this purpose. All traps in use will carry an Environment Agency Tag and trap number. Acceptance of the E/A Licence issue, SAF / SAMC having agreed to these Licenced traps.


Handling of these tagged traps will be on the same classification By-Laws as that of Salmon Fishing. In that, only the Licenced holder can handle / set / remove said traps. Any none Signal Crayfish Trapping licenced individual found in the activity of interfering with / handling /removing of said traps, or other. Will be classed as a, (none E/A Game Licence holder). Thus will be treated as to the illegal processing of / handling of / or the removal of a “Salmon”. All relative penalties, enforcement and criminal procedures will be prosecuted.