As part of the 2016 scheduled works, contracted out, we see encouraging signs of progress at Monkmoor. Two of four peg refurbishments under construction. Adjustable scaffold / stone peg bases and timber fishable steps in these two instances, each peg being individual in need with regard to access.
Peg bases are five-foot square and sport two stands for rod rests. Indeed whilst concentrating on fixing the second base, before attempting the steps to both, local angler Rob Jones decided to give the first one a run in. 25 square feet of floor plan made for an ideal, in comfort. Seemingly it passed muster, even without the stone topping.
Downstream bush is being coppiced and downstream side being removed, thus affording a previously unfished hole to be utilised. Photos show two individual pegs……TO SAVE CLUTTER – PICS ON FACEBOOK LINK – WORK IN PROGRESS