Due to adverse weather conditions, the season opening will be a hard slog to reach your peg. As previously stated due to the prospect sale of the STW portion of the land mass of this site, no grazing is taking place. Unfenced boundary, has resulted in no grazing of either STW or Council land.

As a resolve of the issue of excess grass under foot, it was decided to harvest by taking hay and second cut silage. The window of opportunity for hay has had to extend due to the weather conditions, albeit intended to conclude before season opening.

To remedy, this prospect, the cutting of the car park, verges and pathways from Car Park to shingle, stiles to the river’s edge, were attempted at 11 am this morning, to no avail.

So until the weather improves the meadows under foot cannot and will not improve. Although Car Park and verges were automatic for pre-season the same applies. Pegs/stands have fortunately been stimmed out, rising levels, also preclude the addition of new peg bases, built and ready to go.