Given the previously mentioned current lack of grazing, Hay and silage will be taken from these meadows, making for easier progress under foot. Weather dependant as in a four-day period, it is hoped to conclude before the season starts.

Fishing pegs/holes/stands are this week being strimmed out, followed by a weed-killer application. Yes may be unsightly but will save probably two further cuts, through the course of the season. Some of the stands have received dug-out steps with the intention of consolidating. Next week will see the introduction of three new scaffold style peg bases, to existing/ historical pegs. Access down the bank will be considered after the fact, particular to the individual need.

PARKING: A reversal of the last instruction as to access to the fishery from the lane including parking has now been re-aligned with STW to meet the needs of the angler. So carry on as before.

LANE: Routing of the lane is more or less complete, the two severe areas receiving 16 ton of 40/20 ml stone. It is intended to leave as it is, for now, allowing for the Hay or Silage to complete. This will compact the new stone and in-fills with that passage of tractors and wagons hauling. Once complete intend to pull the excess stone in from the sides back onto the drive path and complete a final address to the stone based length.


Re-investment for 2016 has or will prove most beneficial, with no less than 49 pegs/stands re-created. Many of the old favourites are now up and running. Most beneficial is the opening up of the upstream section from the farm, with nine pegs now fishable, including Henry’s Hole. All pegs, stands are now posted and will be numbered and hopefully will put the fishery back on the competition map.


According to reports, Oxon is fishing exceptionally well, with many specimen species coming to the bank. Many thanks, to our two Bailiffs for Oxon and Mousecroft. Alfie Stevens and new Bailiff Neal Jackson, over and above the call of duty, removing, “reed tubers” by the handful on peg frontages. This water is fast becoming a second “Jewel in the Crown” along with Rea Brook.


Ready as ever, timing, of the weed-killer and then strim operation seems to have worked well this year. The river bank cut, the first of two is completed by Council the second by Council but contract paid by SAF/SAMC. This first cut may well run into the first week of the season; this is a result of the machine having to cater for Highways work as a priority.


As stated previously over 100 stands on bends, holes, pools, have been created. Two new “none permit selling” Bailiffs now cover the brook, simply to protect the investment and the fishery. Day Permit available on-line and from Total Angling.


NOTE: Intentionally, contractors have concentrated on the river, with pools receiving initial and then follow on works, yet to be completed.

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