Vast changes have taken place over the last five years or so, with regard to the Fisheries Bailiff and the angler with no E/A Licence. The increase of individuals fishing for food has greatly increased, with a high propensity to confront!

Within “Operation Leviathan” certain parameters exist to entertain this change in this evolving situation. SAF/SAMC have not signed up to Leviathan, as SAF are not members of Angling Trust. However, many distinct operational directives have been adopted and agreed with the E/A Crime Team direct, over the last two months. A new chapter has opened in the joint operation of our water portfolio.

Included with this new arrangement, Shrewsbury Police, based upon the new directives of “Operation Leviathan” have entered the fray with a further join of active support.

We have a number of Bailiffs which in the primary task sell day permit. We have two Bailiffs, trained to the next level to support fellow Bailiff”. The two “Bailiff”, now directly enabled to call upon or assist the E/A Crime Team and or Shrewsbury Police. Thus enabling the process and procedure of an intended prosecution, by the E/A.

Left your E/A licence at home, is not the way to go, it should be with you and more importantly “signed”. Found not to have an E/A Licence and the “till starts ringing”. If you are fishing with your “line in river water” equates to “Theft of Fishing Rights”. Found with “line in the water on a Stillwater “Section One of the Theft Act 1968″, as on a Stillwater the fish are “owned”, thus “theft”. This includes attempting to fish, fishing, handling fish, retaining fish, taking away fish, in both instances.

We have seen recently recorded on the SAF website, Shropshire Star and Chronicle the encounter with two individuals fishing 7 rods and no E/A Licence and now going forward for a Criminal Prosecution, supported by Shrewsbury Police. Seized tackle was handed over to the E/A Crime Team as evidence exhibit. However seizing only rods and reels was incorrect in that seizure all “items fishing” should have been affected. Summary suggestions based upon evading some £200 in E/A / SAF requirements to fish the combination, that £1000 each is not out of the question.

Further directives of E/A, for insurance purposes, is the addition of stab proof vests for the “Bailiffs in support”, recent history suggests alcohol and drugs related exposure can be experienced within a percentage of the  “intentional un-licenced angler”. Sure it may appear “overkill”, too late when the offender offers “on-bank resistance”, based on the sole individual set against a possible multiple of adversaries. Yes, support will be called; the initial contact is still an “unknown”.

A massive shift in emphasis will now apparent on SAF waters, for 2016 onwards. No, E/A Licence stops the sale of an SAF/SAMC permit. Thus, a financial loss of revenue much needed to support an annual fisheries investment that is high in value. This will be protected, to ensure revenue supports the endeavour.