2016/17 Re-investment


Further to the SAF AGM and previous meeting with Shrewsbury Council.  The agreement reached in that a degree of financial information be made available. To this end, the following information will settle this matter. SAF/SAMC as previously stated is not a club. Thus, club expectations do not apply.

2016/17 is going to be difficult to visualise actual total costs of re-investment. We know obviously standard annual expenditure on peg upkeep or river and pool, some 159 in total. This scheduled work has been contracted out and previously distributed via this website. However, the unknown costs of how Monkmoor Fishery will cope with no grazing of the Kingfisher Walk and river-bank. Irrespective as to STW sell to SC or private purchase, I doubt matters will resolve until autumn at the earliest.

If SC decided to buy, we would be back to status-quo. If the STW land goes to private, then new fencing along the post line will appear, however, will not resolve the river-bank. Further, we have the added problem, if new fencing becomes fact, then access becomes limited, will this effect use only time will tell. Either way, this season will see costs rise on this fishery.

Additionally, Rea Brook is being opened up and will require the attention of weed/grass control at least twice if not three times a year. Not a notable cost agreed, still, though, at this time an unknown. Also, additional works at Emstrey are in the pipeline for this season.

Total Permit sales Day and Annual £17.713.00

Allocated for 2016/17 re-investment:

£10.000-00, as per schedule and above.

Balance: Covers Insurance, SC agreement to fish, ancillary, general running costs.