Vast changes have taken place over the last five years or so, with regard to the Fisheries Bailiff and the angler with no E/A Licence. The increase of individuals fishing for food has greatly increased, with a high propensity to confront!

Within “Operation Leviathan” certain parameters exist to entertain this change in this evolving situation. SAF/SAMC have not signed up to Leviathan, as SAF are not members of Angling Trust. However, many distinct operational directives have been adopted and agreed with the E/A Crime Team direct, over the last two months. A new chapter has opened in the joint operation of our water portfolio.

Included with this new arrangement, Shrewsbury Police, based upon the new directives of “Operation Leviathan” have entered the fray with a further join of active support.

We have a number of Bailiffs which in the primary task sell day permit. We have two Bailiffs, trained to the next level to support fellow Bailiff”. The two “Bailiff”, now directly enabled to call upon or assist the E/A Crime Team and or Shrewsbury Police. Thus enabling the process and procedure of an intended prosecution, by the E/A.

Left your E/A licence at home, is not the way to go, it should be with you and more importantly “signed”. Found not to have an E/A Licence and the “till starts ringing”. If you are fishing with your “line in river water” equates to “Theft of Fishing Rights”. Found with “line in the water on a Stillwater “Section One of the Theft Act 1968″, as on a Stillwater the fish are “owned”, thus “theft”. This includes attempting to fish, fishing, handling fish, retaining fish, taking away fish, in both instances.

We have seen recently recorded on the SAF website, Shropshire Star and Chronicle the encounter with two individuals fishing 7 rods and no E/A Licence and now going forward for a Criminal Prosecution, supported by Shrewsbury Police. Seized tackle was handed over to the E/A Crime Team as evidence exhibit. However seizing only rods and reels was incorrect in that seizure all “items fishing” should have been affected. Summary suggestions based upon evading some £200 in E/A / SAF requirements to fish the combination, that £1000 each is not out of the question.

Further directives of E/A, for insurance purposes, is the addition of stab proof vests for the “Bailiffs in support”, recent history suggests alcohol and drugs related exposure can be experienced within a percentage of the  “intentional un-licenced angler”. Sure it may appear “overkill”, too late when the offender offers “on-bank resistance”, based on the sole individual set against a possible multiple of adversaries. Yes, support will be called; the initial contact is still an “unknown”.

A massive shift in emphasis will now apparent on SAF waters, for 2016 onwards. No, E/A Licence stops the sale of an SAF/SAMC permit. Thus, a financial loss of revenue much needed to support an annual fisheries investment that is high in value. This will be protected, to ensure revenue supports the endeavour.




Good, news and bad news on this subject!

The good news is below, the bad news is on Facebook where it belongs.

The good news is that we stated that the brook would be opened up to enable better access to holes, bends, pools. Indeed to make this “our Jewel in the Crown” an important fishery as good as it can be within the constraints that apply to these meadows.

Over 100 approaches have been created between Asda and the Golf Course. The intent is to repeat the process in about ten weeks’ time to keep on top of weed growth, no longer the fight with the nettle?

Two new Bailiffs will specifically cover this water; they will not be bank permit selling, simply to protect the water from misuse. Day permits available from Total Angling at the moment.


Progress on this fishery is now gathering pace. In as much as car parking under the by-pass bridge for the top section, is edging much closer and maybe quicker than expected. We await the outcome of meetings attended of changes about to conclude.
Roy Anderson and Paul Morris, our two Bailiffs for this fishery have worked hard over the last few years to keep the fishery section open, as best they could. Although advancing years make it a little harder each year for them, we thank them for the efforts put in. After a meeting a fortnight ago they gave me an update on the fishery in general and what was needed. The Committee response as you can see is positive.
A second contractor has been brought in. From the farm downstream timber and grass pegs will be attended to, many have overhanging brash and branch. Early April weed-killer application has created a benefit in that it reduces strim time. Further to these works peg marker posts will be fitted numbered 1 -30. Farm car park is to receive a tidy up, however still we wait for the cattle grid work to start, enabling ease of access over and above what we know.
The middle section is indeed a major problem. The peg feeder path half way down the bank has disappeared/collapsed in places. Where it still exists a possibility was to make steps down to these sections. However to do so would mean cutting back into the Kingfisher Walk pathway, presumably classed a none starter at this time. Further investigation of options will have to be considered.
The new lower section car park created last summer will see its first full season use. Daytime will see a casual parking of other vehicles from Asset Surfacing staff; this is just a friendly neighbour gesture on our part. Obviously, evenings and weekends will see the area clear of others, thus see no problems arising, a case of mingling when you have to.


Sundorne, Pimley waters on the Severn witnessed some excitement yesterday? Thanks to the angling dog walker, with an informative phone call of seven rods and two anglers, one on the spade, for worms. Thank you for the tip-off.

Result Bailiff attended with Police on the way. “Theft of fishing permission”, Fishing in closed season, seven rods two anglers and no, E/A / SAF permit. Stacking up for sure?

The matter quickly settled into a resolve. Photos and individuals details taken, tackle seized. Police Incident number created, with a report going to E/A for prospect prosecution, supported by Bailiff and Police Officer in witness. Seized tackle with luck will be awarded to “Get Hooked on Fishing”.

2016/17 Re-investment


Further to the SAF AGM and previous meeting with Shrewsbury Council.  The agreement reached in that a degree of financial information be made available. To this end, the following information will settle this matter. SAF/SAMC as previously stated is not a club. Thus, club expectations do not apply.

2016/17 is going to be difficult to visualise actual total costs of re-investment. We know obviously standard annual expenditure on peg upkeep or river and pool, some 159 in total. This scheduled work has been contracted out and previously distributed via this website. However, the unknown costs of how Monkmoor Fishery will cope with no grazing of the Kingfisher Walk and river-bank. Irrespective as to STW sell to SC or private purchase, I doubt matters will resolve until autumn at the earliest.

If SC decided to buy, we would be back to status-quo. If the STW land goes to private, then new fencing along the post line will appear, however, will not resolve the river-bank. Further, we have the added problem, if new fencing becomes fact, then access becomes limited, will this effect use only time will tell. Either way, this season will see costs rise on this fishery.

Additionally, Rea Brook is being opened up and will require the attention of weed/grass control at least twice if not three times a year. Not a notable cost agreed, still, though, at this time an unknown. Also, additional works at Emstrey are in the pipeline for this season.

Total Permit sales Day and Annual £17.713.00

Allocated for 2016/17 re-investment:

£10.000-00, as per schedule and above.

Balance: Covers Insurance, SC agreement to fish, ancillary, general running costs.


Radbrook Pool

The pool is now open for business. The fungal infection that was evident in March claimed only four fish, thankfully. Over the last fortnight, three feeding inspections have shown no infected fish. Signage of “closure” has now been removed and thank you for respecting this situation, with only four individuals found ignoring the request.


SUNDAY 9 th:




WEDs       12th   day 2          ditto

THURS     13th   day 3          ditto

Standby dates are 18th/19th/20th

SUNDAY 23rd:





Two-day practice and two-day contest.

35 peg, comprising teams from:

England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and France…..

SUNDAY 30th: