2016 SAF AGM

Last night, Monday 25th a very productive SAF AGM closed at 10pm. We Thank Mike Cox Shrewsbury Council, for his attendance and informative additions to the agenda discussions held. Mal Kelly of T.A.A. who expressly requested to attend as guest: gave the room valuable additional information, we thank him for taking the trouble to attend.

The following has been an annual event for some time, however instead of the continued need for contact requirement with the contractor. The contracted dates have been put forward in one issue, to enable the contractor greater flexibility, to plan labour requirements.

2016 Schedule of Fisheries Works diary: 

Contractor awarded annual works: Save for item “two” as a one-off.

1… POOL pegs: March first week – standard review, repair, strim. Repeat strim July / August

2…Monkmoor Re-furb: COMPLETE PRIOR TO END OF MAY – Contractor, to clean up the existing pegs and repair, where necessary. If found to beyond repair to eliminate totally.  Create units scaffold base pans and fix, where applicable. Review bank after initially fitting scaffold base, consideration of optional, addition of fishing ladder where it may fit “made to measure”. Where this is not possible, fall back onto timber with stone steps.

2(a).As stated due to activities of Severn Trent Water land sale, general ground care requirements, in the short term have changed. At this stage uncertain, however, a lot may or may not take place between now and June 16th.

3…Rea Brook: May and repeat August Strim out, sections, top and bottom of holes-bends-pools from below Golf Course downstream.

4…River Pegs: Complete before June 10th, standard review, repair and set up all RIVER pegs.

5…Emstrey below farm: Strim out, previous weed killer applied and identified swims, during June.

6…Quarry & County: Complete last two weeks September, standard review, repair and set up all Quarry & County ground pegs for competition season.


Contracted Landscape Company: River and pool…Spring weed kill annually.