From the 20th April 2016, the following restrictions will apply until further notice.
Severn Trent Water is now offering for sale in three lots of what is known as the river ground. Thus, no grazing will be experienced to the entire site including council-owned. The by-product of grazing was that of keeping the grass down so you must expect overgrown conditions.

If the boundary line of council-owned / STW land was fenced then, grazing could take place. However, the hope is that council may be offered the first option to purchase, in which case any fencing would become void and total loss. Thus, no fencing will take place, at this time.

If the land plots sell, the sale has been engineered in that the new owner will be responsible for the fencing of the plot purchased. My fear is that even when all of any fencing is complete, grazing still becomes an issue. A typical example would be a herd under the first bridge, in fact, entire length section (A) a dog walker walking downstream and an angler walking upstream and the cattle in the middle, with nowhere to go? Section (C) may still graze with new fencing creating a new field in effect. Sections, (A & B) will no doubt become overgrown on field and bank.

Within the sale offer and while the term of sale is current, to sell. Individual elements arise:

1….Car Park will continue but only on a temporary basis, for SAF/SAMC permit holders. Access over the stile of the car park will NOT be available. Access to the fishery will be via the car park gate only into the council-owned land. The eventual worst case scenario will be the creation of a new car park under the bridge.

2….Parking in the lane no longer is availed, and walking access across STW owned land to join Kingfisher walk and fishery will be treated as trespass, with no right of access, so much for the new stiles, perfect timing.

3…Upkeep of the Monkmoor Lane, previously the domain of SAF/SAMC, via the council, will now revert to STW on a temporary basis. Once the sales of the land plots complete, then the new owners will become responsible (in part) for the upkeep of the lane.

SAF, thus state no right of pedestrian or vehicular access on STW owned land. No insurance cover for any angler found in trespass or in any physical position outside the confines of this announcement. Access primaries are Riverdale Road, Lane cattle grid, and Coseley Avenue. STW will no doubt shortly be attending matters relating to Public Access gates and walkways, this is not the domain or interest of SAF.