Last year we missed the boat, although weed killer was applied, it was rather late in the weed control season.

This year it is very different as the process will start this Tuesday or the first dry day after that. In that Emstrey downstream of the farm will receive treatment on any and all likely fishing peg or hole, the same will apply to upstream of the farm where only it is, of course, safe to work. The matter of the fenceline upstream has not yet been resolved; I fear little improvement will become fact before the start of the new season.

ALL fisheries will receive “contractor” weed killer application during the early part of April, strictly under no circumstances (NO STRIMMING) by anyone without express permission.

I am however pleased to inform you that formal agreement has concluded concerning Rea Brook, over the last few weeks. This fishery ignored by many and used only by the few is such a waste. Although intent on a process of weed killer application of head and tail of any pools/bends, we fell foul of other interested parties.


We have a policy of using pesticides only in exceptional circumstances and in very limited amounts within countryside sites. Even these occasions within the Rea Brook Valley LNR have been met with concerns from visitors and councillors, particularly with the numbers of children and dogs using the site, so we need a strong defence for using them.  Some of our tenant farmers have ‘organic’ designations which would be jeopardised by the use of pesticides on the same site, even when it is outside grazing season. I understand that using these products is often a cost effective and efficient way of removing vegetation, but when we need to clear our paths and gateways we use a rotational schedule of cutting.

We have now agreed to compensate for this directive of conservation with a new policy. Three times a year (if three deemed required) to cut the grass/weeds on these identified fishable areas, thus opening up this valuable and interesting sporting fishery.

John Roberts