S.A.M.C. Facebook link

The original SAF Facebook with some 500 followers has annexed from the SAF website. The NEW Facebook link from the website is purely designed to reflect the issues of SAMC (Shrewsbury Angling Management Committee).

SAMC relates to income from Annual permit and day permit sales. Further indicates a constant of evolution, for year over year of re-investment. Recording work completed, works envisaged, work for the future, work funded and work in prospect.

Buying a permit is not buying into a club. Club rules do not apply and never will. However, you expect to receive the best experience your money can buy. It is this end product SAMC is trying to achieve.

The future as agreed at the SAF AGM 2015 contractors will be incorporated into works where applicable, SAF and SAMC alike. Thus clear and concise actions can be taken, keeping our responsibilities to our peers in hand at the same time attempt in giving the best possible value.

Volunteers are welcome for some lighter works, we have experienced such volunteer works in recent and most welcome, and SAMC thank you wholeheartedly.