Monkmoor Lane Repairs

Monkmoor Lane:
A disaster zone by any measure, certainly not improved by the last few weeks of rain. Since the repairs of some five years ago has gradually deteriorated, the main problem being any new stone you put in just swells to the shoulder of the lane. This effect can be apparent within months of putting in new stone.
Last Saturday matters were in hand and commercially quantified, demonstrating the size of the problem. Just to fill in some 40 ton of 40 ml crushed stone at £12 per ton. Although including delivery did not take account of laying.
Agreed by SAF committee that the above is not the way forward and will be only a short-term fix and expensive, for such an address of the problem.
Machinery now purchased will utilise the stone already on hand. The intention is to in effect relay the lane surface. To accomplish this end product stone from the shoulder of the driveway will be drawn away from the edge and used in conjunction with the centre stone to create a raised narrower drive in the section alongside the by-pass. A passing lay-by may be needed to be installed we will see.
Flooding has in the past been experienced as a settlement on the drive surface itself and ingress from excess down-wash from the by-pass making for the lowest point, presently the drive surface. To offset this condition, the raising of the drive will offset some of this ingress. However in an attempt to clear the matter up for good, it is hoped to implement a ditch between the drive and the hedge line. The ditch should take water from the drive and by-pass spilling out onto the field and away.
An additional benefit is that the machine can rejuvenate the Monkmoor drive surface annually. Also pathways, drives and car parks on other fisheries.
Proposed works :
Monkmoor Lane will receive a repair programme. The programme will NOT be a three-day wonder! It will be over a period, as and when I am able to spare the time.
SAF have bought the advised machine; I will be donating tractor, diesel and my time.
The lane is in three sections:
Straight drive from the gate:
Hard tarmacadam surface will receive pothole compacted road scapling infill.
Section two:
From the first bend to the section that adjoins the parallel to the new by-pass:
Will receive 6-inch deep power harrowing, the shoulder stone being drawn into the main drag.
Section three:
300 yards parallel to by-pass:
Will receive the same as section two.
Deep score section two and three and leave to drain. Power harrow the entire length of both sections two and three and let it settle. Power harrow to a narrower and higher elevation stone driveway and roll.
During this reclamation period some days the lane will be closed and others not. You the angler will encounter somewhat less in the way of potholes but softer top surface to drive on until completed. Sadly cannot be avoided save for closing the lane entirely for a couple of weeks weather dependant……………….If you are a none local suggest you phone 07813544881 to obtain an update for your day in question.
Any offers of help with regard to driving secondary machines to speed the process welcomed. As in diesel compact tractor with front end hydraulic loader or hi-tip skip loader. Transferring scalping material to first section pothole fill or additional section two and three gathering shoulder material. Direct offers of help to 077813544881 more than welcome, if nothing else will speed up the process. Some of you may think get on with it, no problem it will serve just to extend the transition period………….
Kind regards
Sir John