Merry Christmas

It’s the time of year we spend with friends, family and loved ones. One thing I have learned this year is that life is short and it can be cruel to those we know and love. I’ve lost a couple of friends recently and now, at Christmas, the void they leave is most poignant. It’s filled with sadness for those of us left behind to contemplate the year and savor the moments of happiness experienced with those now gone from this world.

Fishing, although quite often a solitary pursuit, usually comes to mind to me when I consider the highlights of my life over the last twelve months. When I think back over that time I realize been privileged to experience the best that Shrewsbury has to offer, on river and pool. The quality of our sport depends on the abundance of our quarry which changes over time for many reasons. Certainly the best of our sport isn’t as good as it was in previous years and decades. However, We shouldn’t under estimate how good we have it here on our doorstep. Good fishing, with good friends, is as good as it gets. If, like me, you have been fortunate to experience that this year then cherish those moments because spending good times with people we love is, in my opinion, the very best of life!

On a lighter note: There’s no Fish Of The Month entries so far and unlikely to be now the weather is turning cold and the river on the rise. So, I submit this – 8lbs of finest turf cutting equipment caught fair and square on rod and line from the river at Monkmoor.

Turf Cutter

As a friend commented: It’s probably a discarded murder weapon now covered in my finger prints! Oh wonderful!

Merry Christmas and tight lines for the coming new year!


November Fish of the Month

Well done to Richard Thomas who caught this well known big Sydney Avenue Barbel. Richard weighed the fish at 13lb 10oz. Recognizable by the dark vertical bar down center of the right flank and missing section of the top ray of the top tail fin lobe, this fish has graced the net of many lucky anglers over the last few years. Its weight is the subject of much debate and has been claimed at widely different values. This is one of the largest known Barbel on Sydney avenue if not across the entire SAF portfolio of river sections.

It's that big Sydney Avenue Double again caught by Richard Thomas.  November 2015 FOTM

It’s that big Sydney Avenue Double again caught by Richard Thomas. November 2015 FOTM