SAF Sydney Avenue Pike Enthusiasts…………

A number of followers of this intriguing fellow have made a few remarks about Sydney Avenue. We all know that special rules apply to this fishery and indeed the Weir Pool itself.

However, albeit under “Coarse Fish” E/A and SAF “Coarse Permit” (day or annual). Fishing is availed within the rules to allow the hunt for this chap. During the period October 8th and untilJanuary 1st, you are availed the opportunity to Pike with PLUG and DEAD BAIT.

To slip the PLUG off and clip on a SPINNER or bunch of worm and we have a problem? Annual Permit holder results in a first strike, Day Permit holder and you are removed to fish anywhere other than Sydney, with plug, dead bait, spoon!………..

Salmon baits, worm, spinners, flying C, Devon etc? All of our river fisheries are the enclave of the salmon E/A – SAF permit holder only.

So forge ahead and enjoy the Pike bounty of the Severn. For that matter contact (PAC) local member Angus Rae, he could be of great help to you. He is on our Facebook as a “friend” send him a message and start a diatribe of joint interest……………..JR