Monkmoor Fishery

At some stage in the near future the lane at the fishery will be closed between 8 am and 6 pm for re-surfacing work, 7 days prior to will be trailed on the website and Facebook. Whilst on the subject of Monkmoor with regard to new pegs and the suggestion put forward for wooden piers. Piers and / or Timber are not being pursued / supported by SAF / SAMC. The use of scaffold IS being supported by SAF / SAMC. Shortly two models will be forthcoming, one for a base that will repair existing bases as for the future and will be the standard for new pegs. Model two will be a scaffold ladder (long in step), thus on rising water a multi level fishing position will be availed. Both models will support under-slung wire gab-ion filled with 25 to 40 ml stone. ……..JR