SAF Sydney Avenue Pike Enthusiasts…………

A number of followers of this intriguing fellow have made a few remarks about Sydney Avenue. We all know that special rules apply to this fishery and indeed the Weir Pool itself.

However, albeit under “Coarse Fish” E/A and SAF “Coarse Permit” (day or annual). Fishing is availed within the rules to allow the hunt for this chap. During the period October 8th and untilJanuary 1st, you are availed the opportunity to Pike with PLUG and DEAD BAIT.

To slip the PLUG off and clip on a SPINNER or bunch of worm and we have a problem? Annual Permit holder results in a first strike, Day Permit holder and you are removed to fish anywhere other than Sydney, with plug, dead bait, spoon!………..

Salmon baits, worm, spinners, flying C, Devon etc? All of our river fisheries are the enclave of the salmon E/A – SAF permit holder only.

So forge ahead and enjoy the Pike bounty of the Severn. For that matter contact (PAC) local member Angus Rae, he could be of great help to you. He is on our Facebook as a “friend” send him a message and start a diatribe of joint interest……………..JR

Monkmoor Fishery

At some stage in the near future the lane at the fishery will be closed between 8 am and 6 pm for re-surfacing work, 7 days prior to will be trailed on the website and Facebook. Whilst on the subject of Monkmoor with regard to new pegs and the suggestion put forward for wooden piers. Piers and / or Timber are not being pursued / supported by SAF / SAMC. The use of scaffold IS being supported by SAF / SAMC. Shortly two models will be forthcoming, one for a base that will repair existing bases as for the future and will be the standard for new pegs. Model two will be a scaffold ladder (long in step), thus on rising water a multi level fishing position will be availed. Both models will support under-slung wire gab-ion filled with 25 to 40 ml stone. ……..JR

Shrewsbury Triathlon Club

Just informing you that throughtout the Summer, Shrewsbury Triathlon Club (SyTri) are holding river swims on a Wednesday evening from 6pm – 7.30pm. The participants swim downstream for approx. 750 meters, from access points at the Showground.
Also SyTri are holding a Triathlon/Quadrathlon event on Sunday 6th September 2015. This will involving approx. 350 competitors and starts at 8am2.30pm. The same stretch of river and access from the Showground will be used, with the Quadrathlon competitors continuing downstream in kayaks, before turning back for the Showground.
If you need any further information, please contact the Triathlon club at:

Hydro Scheme Shrewsbury Weir……continued

Meeting at the weir 28th July 2015 of John Roberts, chairman of SAF (Shropshire Anglers’ Federation), Chris Bainger & Adam Joseph (EA) and Mark Scutt (Shrewsbury Hydro Ltd)


This meeting was arranged by the EA and was welcomed by Shrewsbury Hydro who had not managed to meet up recently with John Roberts (JR) to address concerns he had raised, most recently in his neutral comment in connection with Shrewsbury Hydro’s application for planning permission. Shrewsbury Hydro had spoken on the telephone and been in email contact with JR and addressed some of the points made by him to his satisfaction (power lines etc.) and this meeting was very helpful in looking at the effects of the hydro scheme generally and in particular at what effect the change in flow direction might have on fishing immediately below the weir.

Effect of hydro scheme on fish and fishing

(1) JR said he had 2 concerns here which he had raised earlier. First was his concern that any flow through the turbine would go straight down the right hand side (south side) of the river and, second, fishing from the north side embankment below the weir would be affected as a result of fewer fish being attracted there as a result of the change in flow direction? He said there were 2 things required for him to be satisfied on these points. First, he would like to see the turbine flow angled out towards the middle of the river and, second, he would like to see what Shrewsbury Hydro could do to offset the possible changes to fishing immediately below the weir.

Mark Scutt (MOS) said that Shrewsbury Hydro had taken on board his earlier comments about flow direction and the latest drawing (1003 rev 1 submitted to the planners on 27th May 2015) now included an angled exit wall to the turbine channel. This angled wall was entirely on the land which it was intended to lease for the hydro scheme and did not rely on using private land further downstream which would be protected from erosion at the same time. This drawing was looked at the meeting and it was felt that this change covered the point that had been made.

JR made note that although the changes on the revised edition (1003 rev 1) went some way in meeting the requirements felt needed, indeed was more than welcomed. In addition, further modification to the angled exit wall to the turbine channel to accentuate flows into the Weir Pool bowl and not the tail of the Weir Pool may take place when fish pass designs are finalised during the forthcoming FP002 Fish passage consent process.

On the 2nd point, reference was made to the Apem hydromorphology report mentioned by JR and it was recognised that there would be some change in flow pattern. The Apem report showed that the flow immediately below the turbine exit channel would increase, with flow velocity up by about 0.25m/s (just over half a mile an hour) for the 1st 25 metres or so after the channel exit. Due to the weir being angled, this represented a distance of about 50 metres from the weir toe on the north side.

JR suggested and requested some form of support for renovation of the community area just downstream of this (The Fisherman’s Walk) near the canoe steps such renovation could be used more easily and maybe with the step continuing down to the river bed and MOS for Shrewsbury Hydro thought this made sense as something that the scheme could contribute. JR noted that this would also help separate canoeists from fishermen at times when both were using the same area for entry and exit. JR furthered that when the Hydro Scheme is in place and river flow does in fact even slightly change, then this Fisherman’s Walk may well indeed become very important to the angler game and coarse. Presently the Walk is of little or no use and certainly incapable of accommodating any need resultant of the works in prospect.

John Roberts
Chairman SAF