Many thanks must go to Andy Jones Total Angling for his tireless efforts in organising the 2016 match calendar. A packed October in the Quarry and County Ground is on the card.

* The Festival is the 11th, 12th and 13th with the Wheatsheaf pub being the HQ.
* The Angling Trust RIverfest is on Sunday the 23rd with the Wheatsheaf pub being the HQ.
* The England home international is on the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th. Practice is the first two days and the matches are the second two days. The draws will be at Total Angling and after the matches at the Wheatsheaf Pub.

Parking: With the exception of the open matches’, competitors will be able to park within the Quarry itself. All vehicle movements will be restricted to 4mph, hazard lights on and parking only on the tarmac roadway.


Signal Crayfish Trapping

A pilot scheme on SAF / SAMC Shrewsbury Town Waters has been agreed, for the purpose of setting Crayfish Traps on a 300-yard section of the river. The traps will be monitored and managed by an E/A Crayfish Licence holder and SAF / SAMC permit holder with 25 years’ experience of Town Waters.

Upon request, Environment Agency has issued a Signal Crayfish Trapping Licence for this purpose. All traps in use will carry an Environment Agency Tag and trap number. Acceptance of the E/A Licence issue, SAF / SAMC having agreed to these Licenced traps.


Handling of these tagged traps will be on the same classification By-Laws as that of Salmon Fishing. In that, only the Licenced holder can handle / set / remove said traps. Any none Signal Crayfish Trapping licenced individual found in the activity of interfering with / handling /removing of said traps, or other. Will be classed as a, (none E/A Game Licence holder). Thus will be treated as to the illegal processing of / handling of / or the removal of a “Salmon”. All relative penalties, enforcement and criminal procedures will be prosecuted.



Phase one of the Reed control completed today 16th July as intended; the fine weather helped the process and much appreciated. The work concluded as phase one as intended, in that 21 pegs now have a 10-foot wide avenue from which to fish. Especially, from the Reed line to peg base all silt has been removed giving maximum depth for netting.

Phase two will be next year, to reduce the Reed line to bank aspect, giving probably a 45-degree angle from the peg onto the pool in either direction. Good reason exists for this two-phase approach to this work.

Permissions given had been based upon Council and Environment Agency acceptance. In the latter, a primary was that by-product did not leave the site, more importantly, the by-product should, in fact, stay connected to the existing reed bed in some way. To achieve this, we elected to backfill into the Reed beds left untouched of all by-product, unsightly today, recovered in two weeks, more than likely.

To have cleared to our target position in one attempt would have created mountains of by-product and recovery visually, would have taken much longer. Although any volunteer help, over and above contracted works are a benefit. As soon as we announced the work some individual has attempted to remove some Reed and tuber from a peg, in doing so, decided to dump the by-product outside the entrance gate on the verge to the right of the gate

Thus this now involves the need to handball dumped waste back onto the site and into a back-fill position at pools edge. For the sake of asking, has induced extra work, to stay in permissions given and even an E.U. Framework Directive. Please ask, before attempting D-I-Y on any of SAF/SAMC waters.

Saving clutter…….Photos on Facebook……




Shropshire Anglers’ Federation joint enterprise with the Environment Agency Fisheries Enforcement Team, blitz the fisheries Saturday 9th July. Amazing how many have gone into the book, for intended prosecution. Two teams went out; team one with SAF Bailiff Gary Dodd. One thing being caught without a licence, then again being caught without entitlement to fishing permission, just as serious!




Creation of four new pegs is now complete. Two of the four certainly put the salmon angler historically on the spot. Hopefully, encouraging a greater mixed use of this fishery.

The final design was based on an original idea of timber topped scaffold piers out into the river. Environment Agency and many anglers alike gave a degree of concern over this prospect. The design evolved in two stages, a platform, also a fishing ladder. To this end, an open morning was held to view a two-thirds size model of the intended end design.

The result from the morning meeting entailed endorsing suggestions by interested and attending anglers, as to the addition of various amendments. The end product we now see as being functional, adjustable and limited in the need for constant upkeep. It was decided on these particular four units to use for the fishing ladder timber and stone, instead of scaffold and stone. Viewed as being a favourable option due height and fall constraints.

Sadly, it has been noted that some previous images of this work in progress have been utilised on other media, editorial being altered to paint a less than truthful picture. Hence the old saying, “do not believe everything that is written.” We hope that those anglers that fish from these new combinations do so with a safe ease of use, comfort and success.


Mousecroft Pool will be closed to the angler from 8 am to 6 pm on Saturday 16th July. Including, access of the general public in the area of the poolside path.

Oxon Pool benefitted greatly from the efforts of our two Bailiffs Alfie Stevens and Neal Jackson. As in the removal by hand of reed and reed tuber from peg frontages, by hand indeed the only option on this particular water. They have done a terrific job and many thanks to them.

Mousecroft Pool is suffering the same reed problem and in previous years, reeds have been pulled only to be replaced within the same season. We have contracted a machine and driver to remove reed and reed tuber from in front and to the sides of nineteen pegs in total. The assumption is it may take three maybe four years before the tuber growth will again crowd some of the pegs.

However for insurance and indeed common-sense, full site regulations will be applied on the day in relation to work-wear, hats, and boots, the working area being taped off. All interested parties have been notified, in relation to the project as in E/A, Council, etc.


As part of the 2016 scheduled works, contracted out, we see encouraging signs of progress at Monkmoor. Two of four peg refurbishments under construction. Adjustable scaffold / stone peg bases and timber fishable steps in these two instances, each peg being individual in need with regard to access.
Peg bases are five-foot square and sport two stands for rod rests. Indeed whilst concentrating on fixing the second base, before attempting the steps to both, local angler Rob Jones decided to give the first one a run in. 25 square feet of floor plan made for an ideal, in comfort. Seemingly it passed muster, even without the stone topping.
Downstream bush is being coppiced and downstream side being removed, thus affording a previously unfished hole to be utilised. Photos show two individual pegs……TO SAVE CLUTTER – PICS ON FACEBOOK LINK – WORK IN PROGRESS


Due to adverse weather conditions, the season opening will be a hard slog to reach your peg. As previously stated due to the prospect sale of the STW portion of the land mass of this site, no grazing is taking place. Unfenced boundary, has resulted in no grazing of either STW or Council land.

As a resolve of the issue of excess grass under foot, it was decided to harvest by taking hay and second cut silage. The window of opportunity for hay has had to extend due to the weather conditions, albeit intended to conclude before season opening.

To remedy, this prospect, the cutting of the car park, verges and pathways from Car Park to shingle, stiles to the river’s edge, were attempted at 11 am this morning, to no avail.

So until the weather improves the meadows under foot cannot and will not improve. Although Car Park and verges were automatic for pre-season the same applies. Pegs/stands have fortunately been stimmed out, rising levels, also preclude the addition of new peg bases, built and ready to go.




Given the previously mentioned current lack of grazing, Hay and silage will be taken from these meadows, making for easier progress under foot. Weather dependant as in a four-day period, it is hoped to conclude before the season starts.

Fishing pegs/holes/stands are this week being strimmed out, followed by a weed-killer application. Yes may be unsightly but will save probably two further cuts, through the course of the season. Some of the stands have received dug-out steps with the intention of consolidating. Next week will see the introduction of three new scaffold style peg bases, to existing/ historical pegs. Access down the bank will be considered after the fact, particular to the individual need.

PARKING: A reversal of the last instruction as to access to the fishery from the lane including parking has now been re-aligned with STW to meet the needs of the angler. So carry on as before.

LANE: Routing of the lane is more or less complete, the two severe areas receiving 16 ton of 40/20 ml stone. It is intended to leave as it is, for now, allowing for the Hay or Silage to complete. This will compact the new stone and in-fills with that passage of tractors and wagons hauling. Once complete intend to pull the excess stone in from the sides back onto the drive path and complete a final address to the stone based length.


Re-investment for 2016 has or will prove most beneficial, with no less than 49 pegs/stands re-created. Many of the old favourites are now up and running. Most beneficial is the opening up of the upstream section from the farm, with nine pegs now fishable, including Henry’s Hole. All pegs, stands are now posted and will be numbered and hopefully will put the fishery back on the competition map.


According to reports, Oxon is fishing exceptionally well, with many specimen species coming to the bank. Many thanks, to our two Bailiffs for Oxon and Mousecroft. Alfie Stevens and new Bailiff Neal Jackson, over and above the call of duty, removing, “reed tubers” by the handful on peg frontages. This water is fast becoming a second “Jewel in the Crown” along with Rea Brook.


Ready as ever, timing, of the weed-killer and then strim operation seems to have worked well this year. The river bank cut, the first of two is completed by Council the second by Council but contract paid by SAF/SAMC. This first cut may well run into the first week of the season; this is a result of the machine having to cater for Highways work as a priority.


As stated previously over 100 stands on bends, holes, pools, have been created. Two new “none permit selling” Bailiffs now cover the brook, simply to protect the investment and the fishery. Day Permit available on-line and from Total Angling.


NOTE: Intentionally, contractors have concentrated on the river, with pools receiving initial and then follow on works, yet to be completed.

HAVE A CHUCKLE: Two juniors take the bait! Link through to Facebook.

SAF supporting a joint enterprise:

Angling Trust Midlands Fisheries Forum (Shropshire)

June 22nd 2016

in association with the Environment Agency

Uffington Village Hall

Church Road, Uffington, Shrewsbury

Shropshire, SY4 4SQ

Tea and coffee served from 6.45pm, meeting will start at 7.15pm

The draft agenda will include:

  • Fisheries Enforcement and the new Voluntary Bailiff Service – Kevin Pearson  Angling Trust Fisheries Enforcement Manager explains how the VBS is being rolled out in the Midlands and how he is getting the police more involved.
  • Dealing with Cormorant and Goosander Predation – Richard Bamforth Angling Trust Fishery Management Advisor guides you through different techniques to combat predation.
  • The work of the Environment Agency Fisheries Team – Your local team give news and updates on the work to improve fisheries in your region.
  • Shrewsbury Police PC Paul Frank Wildlife Officer
  • Open Forum Session – Ask questions and raise issues with the Environment Agency and the Angling Trust

This meeting is free to attend and open to all. It is aimed at ALL freshwater anglers, Coarse and Game. It is a key opportunity to hear about the work of the Environment Agency and is a chance to tell the Angling Trust what YOU think their priorities should be. Plus updates from key organisations in your area.

It looks like being a fascinating meeting, so if you love angling and live within reach of the venue, make sure you attend.